A Sweet Alternative to Coffee With a Boost For a Caregivers’ Energy

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Hot Chocolate from COGO with plenty of caffeine for a caregivers or real estate agents busy day in Roseville CA and beyondAlmost Wordless for Wednesdays and other days. A big thank you to Heather Heuman for the sweet gift of COGO caffeinated hot chocolate – it has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. As I think I’ve mentioned, I am NOT a coffee fan but I do like caffeine and the extra energy it gives. Usually I make do with Pepsi, Cherry Coke, etc. But occasionally, I need a WHOLE LOT MORE. I used to enjoy Swiss Miss with extra caffeine til they discontinued it. But thanks to Heather, I now have a new go-to drink for those sleepless nights, days when I have to be on the go non-stop with grandkids, or when I HAVE to drive at night. Hmmm, I will also have to tuck a packet into my “GO-BAG” for the next time I have to take my senior mom to the hospital.

Thank you again to Heather for this sweet treat!

Cogo’s hot chocolate with extra caffeine will be a very handy tool in my caregivers toolbox, that’s for sure! How about you?