Newest of the Leap Frog DVDs

A Sandwich Generation Review of the Latest in the Leap Frog DVDs: Let’s Go To School

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Isn't it fun to discover new ways to encourage our grandchildren, near and far, and help them to learn basic and vital skills like reading? I was thrilled this past week when I heard two of my grandsons taking turns telling each other the names of the months in the year in the right order. I was doubly thrilled when I realized one of my new favorite educational DVDs had helped in that process!

As I recently wrote, we all love the Leap Frog DVD Reading and Phonics Set that helps all of us in the Sandwich Generation who are teaching a child or grandchild to read. A couple of months ago I was shopping at Walmart and discovered they had released two new Leap Frog DVDs, including Leap Frog, Let's Go To School. Of course, I had to put them in my cart.

Newest of the Leap Frog DVDs

LeapFrog, Let's Go to School is so much fun! I have to admit, the first time he watched it, my youngest grand-twin was not interested in it. He complained, "Grandma, that's a baby one. I don't like baby movies!"

"Honey," I replied, "You only have to watch it once. Then, if it is too young for you, we'll pass it on to your younger cousins."

For a couple of minutes I heard the word, “Baby,” every so often, then 30 minutes of silence. That’s always a good sign for a DVD! As soon as it was over he Jumped up excitedly and announced, “Grandma, it wasn’t a baby one! I loved it!”

“So should I keep it?” I asked with a smile?

“Yes, yes, YES!” he shouted with glee.

His older brothers and I loved it as well, as they are learning calendar info like days and dates, seasons, basic numbers, and even fun names for animal groups, like a gaggle of geese or an army of Frogs.

All in all, this Leap Frog is a worthy compadre to their other DVDs and a great addition to my grandkid library. I’ve already made plans to get a set for all the rest of my grandkids through Amazon. (I do love the Amazon Prime Discount Membership. I would highly recommend you give it a try as well. 🙂 ) And if you're a homeschooler, don't let the title scare you off. Half of my grandkids are also homeschooling and I know they'll all love it and learn from it! 🙂

Have you and your grandkids tried the Leap Frog DVDs? What is your favorite one? Aren’t they fun and educational ways to help our grandkids learn? A side benefit for the Sandwich Generation is that they are also great for a little bit of quiet time when our aging parents are getting tired. For that matter, I love the down-time occasionally as well! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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