Knowing The Word of God helps us to know the will of God

A Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Seeking to Replace Arguing and Complaining with Praising and Thanksgiving

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I was toying with the idea of buying another bed mattress for unexpected company. I didn't want to spend a lot on it as I wasn't sure how much use it would get. As a Sandwich Generation granny nanny, most of my overnight company is my young grandkids who wouldn't care about the quality. I called a couple of the discount furniture stores and at one, when I asked how much the least expensive twin mattress was, he replied, "Well, in the store, we have a good quality one for $89."

Since I wasn't in a rush, and thinking he meant he might have a less expensive one NOT in the store, I asked if that was his least expensive one. He then started complaining about me asking for a cheaper mattress, saying, "I am getting that question a lot and I just don't get it. You should really try a better quality one." When I explained I didn't need more quality, he kept on complaining and even arguing with me about it.

I politely thanked him and hung up, thinking, "Wow! That is a TERRIBLE way to try to get more customers!" As I thought about it, though, I realized complaining and arguing are a continual problem nowadays and that's nothing new. In Philippians 2:14 (NIV), Paul tells the early Christians,

Knowing The Word of God helps us to know the will of God

"Do everything without complaining or arguing"

Grandkids do it…grandparents do it! Sadly – I must confess I do it! Talk about mega conviction. Of course, the opposite of this bad habit is thanking and praising God! After all, if we are thanking Him and praising Him, it's harder to complain.

I'm afraid, though, that on a really bad day or a really sick day, I've found ways to do even that:

"Lord, thank you I feel so cruddy." "Lord, do I have to feel so awful!" Lord, I'm sorry I was complaining. I'm choosing to trust You." "Lord, I feel SOOO sick!" "Lord, forgive me…"

You get the idea. 🙂 Most of the time, however, when we are praising and thanking God, we are less likely to be whining. And what perfect timing to be thinking about this with Thanksgiving right around the corner. So, here's another picture with some uplifting Bible verses to encourage us all, starting with me, to work on replacing that arguing and complaining with…

Encouraging Bible verses that are perfect for the Sandwich Generation Thanksgiving


Rejoice always;

pray without ceasing;

in everything give thanks;

for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Isn't it awesome knowing and trusting in the will of God for us? What a blessing! For more encouraging Bible verses to bless those of us in the Sandwich Generation, praising and thanking God as we are caring for elderly parents and grandkids…

Enjoy encouraging Bible verses and pictures each Word-Filled Wednesday at Internet Cafe Devotions

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  1. A Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Seeking to Replace Arguing and Complaining with Praising and Thanksgiving …

    • Susan
    • November 10, 2010


    This was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Great truths and love the way you did the scriptures.


  2. Great verses and pictures. It’s hard to know what to say when a sales person is definitely not listening to what you are saying.
    Just praise the Lord anyhow and pray for the sales person. Sounds like he might need some prayer.

  3. This fits right in with a conversation I had with a lady at the supermarket today! Thanks for reinforcing it. Thanks for the link you left at my blog today. I have been hearing about that for a couple of days now. May the Lord be merciful.

  4. Hi From The Heart – You are so right! Have a blessed week!

  5. Hi Stacey, Thanks. I love those verses as well, as my grandkids could tell you – since they’ve heard me say them so many times over the years. 🙂 Definite great inspirational words of encouragement, that’s for sure.

  6. Hi Susan, Thank you! I had so much fun with this one, too. 🙂

    • stacey
    • November 10, 2010

    So true- wonderful post! I love 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
    Have a great Wednesday:)

  7. Hi Maxine, Isn’t it awesome when God does that! And AMEN to your prayer for that Pakistani mother of 5 who has been condemned to death for sharing about her love for Jesus. I would encourage everyone to be praying for her. You can read more about it at the Voice of the Martyrs website.

    • amydeanne
    • November 11, 2010

    oh Kaye, I always glean something when I come to your blog! I love this post!

  8. Excellent point here! We are often very quick to complain or argue, but we certainly need to take time to give thanks, praise, and reflect on the positive things in life. Thanks for sharing!

    Become a Facebook fan for discounts on Baby Boomer products and more

  9. Hi firstSTREET, Isn’t that the truth! 🙂

  10. Hi Amydeanne, Thank you 🙂 The feeling is definitely mutual for your site as well. 🙂

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