I have granddogs at almost all my portable offices - wiggling happily when they see me

A “Behind the Scenes Peek” At Where This Caregiver Creates

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This Sandwich Generation granny nanny has granddogs at almost all my portable offices - wiggling happily when they see me

Welcome to Where Bloggers Create 2012 at SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation. This fun blog party is in its fourth year and it’s the second year that SandwichINK is participating. And I’m so glad to see each and every one of you!

At each of the participating blogs, you’ll get a sort of “behind the scenes” peek at the various offices, desks, work areas, and creative spaces different writers and designers enjoy. Most of them will be absolutely gorgeous. And there are plenty of fun organizing and designing ideas at many of the sites. I suspect Pinterest will be extra busy today and I hope to add some fun photos to my own Pinterest site.

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At SandwichINK, though, things are a bit different. One reason is lack of time. Between juggling eldercare for my senior mom as well as some long distance beloveds with babysitting my grandchildren with writing at SandwichINK and other sites with all the other chores and duties going on, my main workspace is usually a bit cluttered, with stacks of papers, grandkids projects to work on, and geeky computer supplies all around.

The main desk for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny tends to be a bit cluttered at all times

That doesn’t bother me, though. For one thing, I’m very flexible (always handy for a multigenerational caregiver) and a bit cluttery. On top of which, my main work area is definitely NOT my only work area. I may go days without getting to work there. So where do I work? Thanks to my Netbook and my iPhone, I work where ever I am at.

When I am babysitting grandchildren, you might find me working at their dining room table or up at their project table while they are sleeping or we are working on fun and easy crafts for the kids (and us seniors). The granddogs are always thrilled when I come to visit because they know they’ll get some yummy dog treat.

When I’m helping a grandchild with homework or taking my senior mom out for her favorite audio books, I frequently make good use of our library’s free wifi. Our church also offers wifi and you might spot me hanging out in one of the comfy chairs while waiting for a grandchild’s class to finish. Then again, the wifi reaches all the way to my car which is really my second office/home sometimes. With all the errands I run and traveling back and forth I do, I keep that van loaded to the gills with a variety of items I need for senior mom (extra cane), grandkids (change of clothes – games – extra projects), and writing (tons of pens, extra shorthand notebooks, chargers for my iPhone, and an mp3 cord so I can listen to sermons and educational podcasts).

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny has a caregiving office in the car - have netbook and iphone will travel

I even have worktables at each of my other kids’ homes and frequently put them to good use when the grandkids are asleep and the parents are out. And yes, the granddogs at all those houses love seeing me work there too. They know they get to go outside more often and have a few extra treats. It’s definitely a win-win situation for all of us as I get happy wiggles galore from them.

I frequently work at various dining room tables when babysitting grandchildren - along with helping them do their computer schoolwork

And don’t forget the airplane table! I’ve typed articles, written posts in notebooks, and listened to podcasts with tons of good ideas to later share with readers here at SandwichINK while traveling the friendly skies!

This Southwest plush airplane makes great travel gifts for grandparents to give to grandkids

“Have Sandwich Generation issues, will travel.” It’s definitely not your traditional creative workspace option and certainly not all in the Sandwich Generation would want to do it quite like this. But it works well for me. And after years of saying “someday, I’m going to write,” I’m thrilled to say, “I’m writing!” And for this particular caregiver, that’s a great way of “taking care of the caregiver.” And for that matter, blog parties are another great way of taking care of the caregiver. So again, WELCOME to  the Where Bloggers Create 2012 blog party hosted by My Desert Cottage.  How bout you? We’d love to hear what your favorite workplace is – whether you are writing, crafting, reading, or just resting. 🙂 



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