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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loved this shot from my easy to use digital camera - and reminds me of Gods promises from Joshua 1 9

Super Encouraging Scripture for Super Bowl Sunday for the Sandwich Generation

It’s Super Bowl Sunday 2012, but for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids, Upward basketball & its encouraging Bible verses are the highlight of our week.

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On the Super Bowl Sunday date as you wait for the big game football board games make fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

Bart Starr Award Winner, Drew Brees, Provides Great Christian Encouragement for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren on This Super Bowl Sunday Game Date and Beyond!

Positive Christian encouragement for grandparents and grandchildren found in the great example set by the Bart Starr award winner Drew Brees and 3 finalists!

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Tony Dungy Quiet Strength book for grandparents and their grandchildren

SandwichINK Salutes The Christian Encouragement of One of the Great Super Bowl Heros and Football Coaches: Tony Dungy

Some inspirational words of encouragement by and about Tony Dungy, a Super Bowl hero grandparents and their grandchildren can truly look up to!

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Kurt Warner is one of the famous Christian football players in the NFL and his inspirational Christian books could be good for reading activities for grandparents and grandchildren

Super Bowl Game Date! Highlights Full of Christian Encouragement for Grandparents and Grandchildren!

The best part of the Super Bowl for this granny nanny? Famous Christian football players – athletes who provide positive encouragement for our grandchildren!

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A black Wii probably would stay cleaner looking longer - perfect for The Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandchildren

Grandkids Enjoy Wii Mario Brother Games Along With Sports Games Like Bowling and Tennis

Got baby boomer fun family memories of Mario Brother games? My grandkids Wii has fun games for kids INCLUDING the original Mario Brothers! Now we’re learning…

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Love These Fun and Friendly Commercials for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family

My Sandwich Generation family has mixed feelings about the Super Bowl but we all agree on one thing – we LOVE this hilarious and adorable Super Bowl…

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Gods comfort when we are grappling with the issues of grief and loss

Eight Things That Helped Me Tremendously During Seasons of Grief and Loss

Are you dealing with the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one? Here are 8 things that blessed me when I’ve deal with the loss of loved ones.

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The Flat Belly Diet book includes many of the healthy foods you can eat and still lose weight

This Sandwich Generation Grandmother is Testing The Flat Belly Diet-MUFAs Food

Join this Sandwich Generation baby boomer in learning how to lose body and stomach fat with big help from the Fat Belly Diet-MUFAs foods & recipes!

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Carefully going up and down the stairs on a rainy or snowy day with your grandkids can be fun and physical activities for senior citizens as well as the grandkids

Wii Sports Tennis Games Tips and Helps for All of Us Boomers and Seniors

Great Wii games for kids & seniors include Wii Sports tennis. This Sandwich Generation grandma LOVES playing it with her grandkids but needs tips and tricks…

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Wii combines with Super Mario Brother 3 Games combine to make great Wii games for kids and seniors

Sweet Sandwich Generation! Wii Mario Brother and His Games Are Following This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny!

Fun photos & creative ways to save money for baby boomers caring for elderly parents and taking lots of photos of grandkids with an easy to use digital camera.

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