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Jitterbug Cell Phones for Seniors Are a Big Help

My senior mom & I have appreciated GreatCall Jitterbug cell phones for seniors for years. Here’s an update including Star54 Flip and Android Smart Phones!

Do You Need a Cell Phone Resource for Low Vision Issues? Jitterbug Large and Simple Cell Phones for Seniors are Excellent!

The Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens are large and simple cell phones for seniors making them perfect for those dealing with low vision issues.

Jitterbug Cell Phones for Senior Citizens Offer Great Services for the Sandwich Generation

I consider the Jitterbug to be one of the best cell phones for senior citizens. These large and simple cell phones for seniors offer senior services as well!

Best Senior Gardening Tool? Jitterbug Cell Phones for Senior Citizens!

My senior mom loves gardening and her large garden wagon. It’s a great tool for her projects but my favorite tool for her is a Jitterbug cell phone for seniors.

Jitterbug Simple Cell Phones for Senior Citizens Mean A More Productive Sandwich Generation!

Walmart, an iPhone, and one of the Jitterbug large, simple cell phones for seniors, mean we can be productive while letting our elderly parents enjoy shopping!

Helpful Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents

Looking for helpful Christmas gift ideas for elderly parents? Here are some old and new ideas to help you, including taking good care of yourself 🙂

Observations While Waiting…Waiting…Waiting At The Doctor’s Office

When you go to the doctor’s office, do you take something to read or do? How about your aging parents?

Aging in Place Topics of Interest to the Sandwich Generation

Aging in place issues are often a topic for conversation in Sandwich Generation families caring for the elderly parents in their family…

A “Behind the Scenes Peek” At Where This Caregiver Creates

Join SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation at Where Bloggers Create 2012 for a peek behind the scenes of this multigenerational caregiver

More Fun Activities Ideas For Babysitting Grandchildren When You Have No Voice?

The Sandwich Generation issues of babysitting grandchildren while caring for aging parents rarely allows for sick days off. Some tips for those days you are dealing with laryngitis while babysitting.

Curious How Easy It Is To Set Up Those Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly That Are Such Great Resources for the Sandwich Generation?

Thinking of getting your elderly senior parent one of those Philips LIfeline medical alert devices with the auto fall alert but wondering about set up?…

7 Fun and Physical Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Activities Ideas to Stay Active and Help Your Aging Parents Do The Same Even When You Hurt

Fun and physical baby boomer and senior citizen activities are great for grandkids too-perfect for the Sandwich Generation multigenerational family

Good News for Boomers and Seniors – Paths to Better Speech and Hearing

Good news for boomers & seniors who need assisted listening device help! GREAT tools and resources like Clarity c900 amplified cell phone!

Safety Talk for the Sandwich Generation Issues Can Be Fun and Serious

Some serious yet pink fun news and tips for boomers and seniors caring for elderly parents – Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens are a wise investment!

Spring Colors In the House and Via An Easy To Use Digital Camera are Always a Day Brightener For The Sandwich Generation

Red photos and fun for the Sandwich Generation enjoying leisure activities for seniors and senior gardening, complete with granddog.

Easy and Portable! Vital for Senior Gardening!

Spring is slow but my senior mom is back to gardening using her garden wagons & portable homemade mini greenhouses she made with plastic bag covers.

Fun Yet Practical Hand Crank Radio for Sandwich Generation Safety Issues

My senior mom loves her Grundig FR200 hand crank wind up flashlight radio for its reception. I love it for its safety features. And if we replace it – pink will…

10 More Useful and Fun iPhone Apps for the Sandwich Generation Issues of Caring for Elderly Parents and Babysitting Grandchildren

iPhone pps for the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren – from symptom checkers to fun with old LEGOs

Healthy Options For The Sandwich Generation Eating Out On The Flat Belly MUFA Foods Diet

Daffodils, my easy to use digital camera & the easy to use Picmonkey gave this Sandwich Generation grandmother a big smile, as did the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet choices at restaurants.

Boomer and Senior News For Those Caring For Elderly Parents: 7 Ways to Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Boomer news – It’s Practice Random Acts of Kindness week. 7 sweet ideas for those caring for the elderly parents and relatives in your family – near and far.