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Encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

Fun Ways to Share Encouraging Bible Verses with Our Senior Parents and Our Grandkids

This Sandwich Generation caregiver loves to use fun iPhone-iPad photo & text apps to share encouraging Bible verses with grandkids & senior parents

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Encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation John 1 1 and 3 letters

Seriously Encouraging Bible Verses Coupled with Serious Fun iPhone Photo Apps From The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny

Serious fun with some of my new and most useful iphone photo apps coupled with encouraging Bible memory verses for children and grandkids.

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When all the science fair projects issues were getting a bit much - this Sandwich Generation granny nanny enjoyed a heavenly perspective on it all

Helping Those Sweet Grandkids with All Those Tricky Science Fair Projects Needs? Got Some Encouraging Bible Verses For You!

All those science fair projects getting to you? Or caregiver stress in general? Soak your heart in these encouraging Bible verses and enjoy the clouds as well.

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November - a time of thanksgiving and sweet family memories and encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation

Encouraging Bible Verses Remind us of the Importance of Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the Sandwich Generation granny nanny has the last of the encouraging Bible verses for our grandkids & kids…

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Fun ideas for Christians - grandparents and grandkids - for Halloween are tucking encouraging Bible verses and cute pictures into the goodie bags

More Cute and Encouraging Bible Verses and Cards for the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny to Share on Halloween

Two more ideas from the Sandwich Generation granny nanny of Christian encouragement for your Halloween trick or treaters – grandkids or neighbors.

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Christian fun for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids include cute tracts printables and cards with encouraging Bible verses for children

Christian Halloween activities for the Sandwich Generation from Kids to Seniors – Encouraging Bible Verses

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny, granddog, & grandkids love to share Christian encouragement with comforting Bible verses on Halloween

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom were out walking - enjoying Autumn and seeing fun fall gardening projects

These Encouraging Bible Verses Are Right Up the Sandwich Generation Caregiver’s Alley!

Pictures with Christian words of encouragement and inspiration in these devotions for boomers and senior citizens. Today – Ephesians 4:1b-3.

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Scripture Praying Encouraging Bible Verses For Hurting Hearts and Hurting Bodies

Praying Scripture with encouraging Bible verses for those hurting due to the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents after stroke.

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Comforting and Encouraging Bible Verses for Caregivers Dealing with Grief Issues

The Name of God is a strong tower & refuge, comforting in times of grief and loss-uplifting Bible verses & music for the Sandwich Generation

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Happy Valentine’s Day to The Sandwich Generation: Encouraging Bible Verses and Praise and Worship Music to Bless You and Your Family

Encouraging Bible verses and praise and worship music are the foundation for this Valentine card for each of you in the Sandwich Generation. Be blessed!

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