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I enjoyed Mr Pig and my senior mom loved the tomato basil soup from Mimis Cafe in Roseville CA via multigenerational caregiver sm

A Spoonful of Tomato Basil Soup Makes the Doctor Appointment More Fun

Caregiving for our elderly parents usually includes plenty of doctor appointments. Here’s how I strive to make those a bit nicer and more interesting.

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Quick tip for the Sandwich Generation - When headed for the doctors office or hospital be sure to grab a book - a smart phone - or something else to pass the time

Observations While Waiting…Waiting…Waiting At The Doctor’s Office

When you go to the doctor’s office, do you take something to read or do? How about your aging parents?

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My senior mom is enjoying her birds but cannot wait for spring and gardening activities

From Spring Weather to Doctor’s Visits – Changes Are A’Coming For The Sandwich Generation

While dealing with multigenerational caregiving, I’ve noticed some important changes when visiting doctors and hospitals. Have you?

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny has been on the run this week with extra senior and grandkid health needs

From Rainy Days to Doctor Visits To “Old” Board Games! It’s All Part of the Sandwich Generation Juggle!

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves handheld electronic games & fun “old” educational board games for the kids and grand children.

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Tips & tools for taking care of the elderly parents include the Med-E-Lert automatic pill dispenser

Help Elderly Parents Avoid Missed Medication And Doctor Appointments

Missed medication & appointments are a problem for many of the aging. The Sandwich Generation taking care of the elderly parents can help!

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Eldercare, Doctors, and You

Schedules are crammed for the Sandwich Generation but it’s vital for caregivers to go to doctor, and other appointments with our aging parents.

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Arthritis hacks - arm warmers compared

Arthritis Hacks: Arm Warmers

Sharing a couple of my favorite arthritis hack with you – both fingerless gloves AND arm warmers!

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Walking is a good answer to What to Do During a Coronavirus Quarantine

The Sandwich Generation Asks What to Do During An Isolation Due to Prolonged Illness

Dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues and wondering what to do during An Isolation Due to Prolonged Illness. Here are some tips and resources to help you.

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Sandwich Generation Issues include Corona Virus and the elderly

Sandwich Generation Issues: Swine Flu, Influenza, Corona Virus, ANY Disease, and Elderly Concerns!

Corona Virus Elderly Issues for the Sandwich Generation It’s been an interesting few months listening to the news and updates about the Influenza which has now been overtaken by non-stop news and updates about Corona Virus elderly issues and more. As I continue to deal with Sandwich Generation issues in general, including dementia, UTIs, resources […]

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Our Lumex and Drive Rollator Reviews

When my elderly mom needed a rollator walker without “wings,” we found the Drive Mimi Lite Winnie Walker #510 with good Drive rollator reviews! Works GREAT!

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