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Easy clothes seniors love include beary warm hugs

Ponchos Make Comfort Clothes Seniors Can Stay Comfy and Warm In

Ponchos make delightful comfort clothes seniors appreciate on cold days, even if they are chilly in the middle of summer. They are also cozy and easy to put on for elderly seniors – like being wrapped in a hug.

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Christian words of encouragement via Kaye Swain social media blogger and real estate agent

Sweet Words of Comfort as Thanksgiving Draws Near

Words of encouragement and comfort coupled with Thanksgiving joys and a fun coloring page for all ages to lift the hearts of fellow caregivers.

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A whirlwind can be as big as a tornado - as small as a water spout and when it is a life whirlwind it can definitely create havoc for the Sandwich Generation Final

Are You Looking For Comfort in The Midst of a Whirlwind of Sandwich Generation Issues?

Do the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for aging parents while raising kids or babysitting grandchildren have you feeing like you’re caught in a whirlwind?

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The Sandwich Generation issues are definitely heavy burdens - Praising God He will take them over if we let Him FINAL

Comforting Bible Verses for the Sandwich Generation: Matthew 11:28-30

Encouraging and comforting Bible verses from Matthew 11 to lift the spirits of the Sandwich Generation as we juggle those tough issues of life

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Lovely Clouds and Comforting Bible Verses To Lift the Spirits of The Sandwich Generation

Lovely clouds, encouraging Bible verses, a grand book full of inspiration while dealing with pain and suffering, grief and loss. All sweet gifts from God!

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Comforting Words for The Sandwich Generation – EVERYTHING We Need!

During the difficult seasons of the Sandwich Generation issues Christian hymns, full of sweet words of encouragement and inspiration, can bless…

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny is looking forward to going home to heaven in His perfect timing

Comforting Bible Verses and Praise Music for the Sandwich Generation – Heavenly Assurance!

Are the Sandwich Generation issues bringing you down? Comforting Bible verses and praise music from Building 429 bring uplifting assurance to all of us!

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Comforting Bible Verses for the Sandwich Generation from Psalms and Habakkuk

It’s been a month of daunting headlines, compounding many of the Sandwich Generation woes we are already juggling. Comforting Bible verses and praise songs to encourage our hearts.

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Happy Fathers Day to the Sandwich Generation

Be Encouraged On This Father’s Day With Comforting Bible Verses for The Sandwich Generation

Happy Fathers Day to the Sandwich Generation with so many comforting Bible verses from Psalm 34. Thank you to all caregivers – men and women – everywhere!

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Christian words of encouragement and inspiration for all of us in the Sandwich Generation from Psalm 27 Verse 5

Do the Sandwich Generation Issues Make You Feel Like the Walls Are Closing In? Comforting Bible Verses!

When the Sandwich Generation issues get too much for me, I love to turn to a special group of comforting Bible verses for encouragement and inspiration…

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