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Autumn and Fall Ballet and Fun Grandkids Projects

Autumn is near-time for fun fall activities for grandparents and grandchildren. The Sandwich Generation granny nanny has some good news for all of us grandparents!

Autumn is Back! Fall Foliage Fun and Easy Crafts for Grand kids and Seniors!

Autumn bliss! Some fun and easy fall crafts for kids and seniors to enjoy together. Gather the grandkids and have fun!

Fall Foliage – Autumn Bliss – Pretty for Pink Saturday!

Join SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation for some delightful autumn bliss – gorgeous fall photos!

Autumn! Enjoy Some Delightful Fall Foliage Pictures from The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Her Easy To Use Digital Camera

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny is sharing delightful autumn pictures with fun fall foliage from my easy to use digital camera.

Crunchy Autumn Fun Family Memories Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Grab your easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera to capture special family memories like autumn tag activities for grandparents and their grandchildren.

Senior and Boomer Autumn Gardening Joys – From Fall Mums to Winter Pansies and Beyond

The Sunflower House is done, but Boomer and senior gardening is in full swing in our Autumn Garden with the fall mums and winter pansies settling in nicely.

TIME for Autumn Magic for the Sandwich Generation

Autumn Fun at SandwichINK involves walks to enjoy the delightful “Autumn Ballet,” read aloud books with grandkids, and even notice of the upcoming TIME CHANGE!

Autumn Decor With Grandkids

Autumn leaves are much loved by my grandkids and me. When everyone else is busily raking their lawn to achieve the bare look, my grandkids and I are crunchily dancing in the leaves, watching in awe as they fall to the ground in God’s awesome “Autumn Ballet,” and making craft projects with them. We have …

Happy Autumn

Autumn is a fun time to share God’s love with our grandkids, whether part of a home schooling program or just having fun building memories.

A Fun and Educational Disaster Safety Preparation Video for Our Grandkids

National Preparedness Month is a great time to share emergency preparation tip & this video is a fun way to do that with kids & grandkids.

Early Fall Foliage Lifts of the Spirits of Both the Caregiver and the Caree

Drives with our senior parents to enjoy lovely early fall foliage & a fun Pink blog party are lovely ways to help keep caregivers stress at bay.

Fall Scarecrow Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Looking for fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren? We enjoyed fall scarecrow crafts & decorating activities for kids thanks to this resource..

Sweetly Comforting Bible Verses with Encouraging Praise and Worship Music To Fill You With Hope

Encouraging Bible verses and uplifting praise and worship hymn songs and music to put the hope of God and in God in the heart of the Sandwich Generation.

Happy Labor Day From SandwichINK

Sandwich Generation senior home care givers & grandparents can enjoy Labor Day with this restful gift from SandwichINK – a Smilebox to sing together with.

Harvest Sales Have Already Started – Grab Your Grandkids Craft Goodies Fast!

I just stocked up on fun harvest craft supplies for my grandkids – but you’d best hurry, some stores are already running out of cute crafts!

Cool Summer Fun for This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandkids

Fun and easy crafts for kids and seniors are great fun for grandparents and their grandchildren and a great way to keep cool in the hot summertime.

Birds, Blooms, and Bliss for Sandwich Generation Baby Boomers

My Sandwich Generation family is delighting in the joys of spring that is springing and snapping photos with my easy to use digital camera!