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Welcome to the April 7, 2009 edition of Boomers and Seniors – News You Can Use! We have some interesting articles in store for you. Among other things, you will find information and encouragement on subjects such as dealing with Caregiving for Aged Parents, Having Fun With Grandkids, Alzheimer’s Awareness, Helps and Hints for Seniors, and more! I’m excited, as this is SandwichINK’s first time hosting this Blog Carnival. Once again, WELCOME, and off we go: SandwichINK presents two articles to inform and encourage you. First up is an important reminder to caregivers. Caregiving in general can be be very demanding. As members of the Sandwich Generation, we are often caring for more than one person and more than one age group which gets downright complicated. SandwichINK wants to remind you that What We Don’t Read Can Be Harmful To Our Pocketbooks ! This article is an important reminder to all of us to make sure to read all your mail, deal with it in a timely manner, and toss what is unnecessary. Then do the same for any elderly parent you provide care for. Letting it stack up, no matter how busy you are as you juggle caregiving, work, grandkids, etc., can be hazardous to your financial health!

Fun things to do with our Grandkids on rainy days

Since SandwichINK focuses on the needs of the Sandwich Generation, those caring for elderly relatives and grandkids as well, you’ll also find many articles here written specifically for grandparents and grandkids. Since it’s Easter break for many schools, and there are a lot of grandparents helping out with the grandkids this week, 25 Ideas for Rainy Day Fun with Grandkids should be a help, even if it’s not raining or snowing where you live. Senior Care/Caregiving’s Editorial Director Gina LaGuardia presents Young Professionals Unite for Alzheimer’s Awareness , posted at Seniors For Living . Even twenty-somethings care about Alzheimer’s awareness, and are raising awareness in a big way. "Learning to shift your beliefs and flip a negative thought is the buzz in personal growth these days. But how do you learn to do this in highly emotional relationships, such as being a caregiver to your parents? Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC offers some ideas to clarify your intentions in Facing Elder Phases , posted at Ageless-Sages .

Senior Housing

Gina LaGuardia also found quite an intriguing story. Quite the Experiment: Experiencing Senior Living at 43 , posted at Seniors For Living is about the 43-year-old publisher of two major mid-Atlantic based senior resources who wants to lend more authenticity to the information he provides. So he’s moving in!

Is your home senior-friendly yet

Read about the growing trend of non-traditional retirement communities. Dale Carter presents Age in Place with Nontraditional Retirement Communities , posted at Transition Aging Parents .  “Groups of like-minded seniors come together, enjoying similar benefits of a retirement community but with the great plus of ‘aging in place.’" Victoria Powell writes, "People spend years building and spending their hard earned money and time on their homes.  But how many think about making an environment that is senior friendly?" Explore that question at Making Your Home Senior Friendly , posted at VP-Medical News . Victoria Powell also writes about ways to allow our aged parents to continue living in their own homes longer. In Sensors for Seniors , posted at VP-Medical News , she writes, "A new flurry of technologies now exist to enable seniors to live independently and avoid expensive trips back and forth to the emergency room.  Wireless sensors have been used in the beds of nursing home residents to alarm the staff of potential falls.  These same type of sensors are now available for the home."

Financial Issues

Patrice Jenkins presents On and Off Days , posted at What Will I Do All Day , saying, "Retirement offers a well-deserved break from the stress and demands placed on you when you were working. Finally, no one is making you do anything you don’t feel like doing. If you want to sleep until noon, fine. If you want to dawdle around the house all day, it’s up to you. Same clothes every day—no one is keeping track. While this may sound like paradise, be careful. Retirement can be too easy. When this is the case, life will soon become boring and you’ll be boring. In order to cherish the days off, you need to have some days on! You need to do something that makes retirement harder.”


"In this tight economy, it is very difficult to afford many of the more expensive prescription drugs. But there are a few simple ways in which you can save a few bucks on prescription drugs. I have detailed those in this article," writes Ishanbansal in How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs , posted at Save Few Bucks . Super Saver presents Claiming a Parent as a Dependent on a Tax Return , posted at My Wealth Builder . "With more children caring for or providing financial support for aging parents, the question of whether a parent can be claimed as a dependent sometimes arises. I’ve investigated the possibility and here is my understanding." Traffic accidents can happen to any of us. Those of us with aged parents or teenage kids/grandkids are at a higher risk. John Russell offers some excellent information to help us if that sad event happens. 14 Auto Insurance Secrets They Don ’t Want You To Know , posted at The Low Cost Auto Insurance Guru , explains, "If your car is “totaled” after an accident, do you know how your insurance company determines your car’s present value? The answer may surprise you!" John Russell also presents Gap Insurance – Should You get It? , posted at The Low Cost Auto Insurance Guru , saying, "Gap insurance is an additional insurance policy that is usually tacked on to your monthly lease payment or finance payment if you are financing your car." With many of our elderly relatives living in the same home for decades, you’ll appreciate reading Jacqulyn Richey’s article, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Tax Credits , posted at Las Vegas Real Estate News . "New tax credits for energy efficiency and renewable energy home improvements under the Obama administration. Some prior tax credits have been expanded and had the cap removed….If you live in an older home, these tax credits are targeted at you."

Health and Wellness

Brain Blogger discusses upcoming changes in the pharmaceutical industry that could have a direct impact on our medical bills and those of our elderly parents. In Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry , posted at Brain Blogger , we read "with the intensifying call for transparency in corporate America, several pharmaceutical companies have announced plans to jump on the proverbial bandwagon early. In anticipation of the passage of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act in the U.S. Senate, Eli Lilly and Merck have announced plans to establish online registries of payments made to physicians. Additionally, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca will disclose charitable giving and change the way they financially support educational programs." "The key to living a longer and healthier life can be found by studying the people that live in Okinawa, Japan. They live the longest and are among the healthiest people in the world…" Read more of this intriguing article by Pat Evans, Five Keys To Living A Longer And Healthier Life , posted at Life's Instructions .

Fresh vegetables are important for healthy diets for seniors

hjo’s article, Easy Exercises that Help In Getting Rid Of Wrinkles , posted at Health Journal Online , will be of great interest to those of us developing those lovely little laugh lines around our eyes, more commonly known as wrinkles. "Under eye wrinkles are caused by stressful actions but there are ways to deal with them. The least expensive options are assorted exercises. The most effective way to avoid furrows is free and is just a muscle workout, which you can do when it suits you. Because it is facial lines that are the most obvious, here are the exercises which will help those creases best." How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally , posted at Health Journal Online , is another interesting health article by hjo. "If you need to lower your cholesterol you can always take the medication route. There is no doubt that medication works to lower cholesterol in the body but doctors prefer the individual to take more responsibility for their own well being. Get more details on dealing with cholesterol and the importance of good cholesterol levels…"

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