7 Easy Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren When YOU Are Sick

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When you and your grandkids are spending the day together, but they are sick, there are still some fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren you can all enjoy. What about when YOU are sick? As a Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny, I have been in that position many times as well. The worst time was when I had the influenza and was totally and completely miserable! With only one two year old grandchild, Barney the Purple Dinosaur was my hero! She got to enjoy plenty of educational TV and I got to just lay there and feel like I was going to die! (Obviously, I was wrong 🙂 ).

Happily, that experience has been extremely rare for me. Most of the time it's more like this past week. I had a bad cold, complete with coughing, stuffy nose, and no energy. Of course, I have more grandchildren now, too. What's a Granny Nanny (or Pappy) to do then? Dinosaur tag and monster tag were out of the question. But so was laying on the couch all day. Here's some of the fun ideas we came up with to help you as well:

  1. Play board games that require the least amount of concentration and brain activity on your part. For me, Go Fish and Battleship worked well. UNO Attack! was OK too, as I just put them in charge of telling me what each card meant. Then I didn't have to think. 🙂
  2. If you are up to it, reading is always a nice option that keeps things peaceful and quiet. Some colds keep me coughing too much, but this one wasn't too bad. Of course, I used plenty of Hall's Vitamin C drops and Mucinex cough remedies that work for granny nannies as well as grand kids to help keep me from coughing too much. Peppermint Gum sometimes helps as well.
  3. Quiet and easy projects that don't require much help from you can be a big plus. This week, we enjoyed a book of mazes and a package of  Color-Your-Own-Stickers. The boys enjoyed coloring the stars, spacemen, and aliens and all I had to do was cut open the packages. HOORAY! The grand-twins decided to use them to decorate some handmade greetings cards to encourage a friend and Grand-Big-Bro made some cool posters for his bedroom.
  4. One of the days I was over there, spring was definitely in the air and the temperatures were as nice outside as in. I still wasn't up to running around playing tag (though my scales would have liked that!). I was, however, up to standing in place and throwing a flying disc and a plastic ball back and forth with them. When we missed, they had fun running to get them, and I just stood there and rested on my feet. We all enjoyed the fresh air! 
  5. Red Light, Green Light and Mother, May I worked well for us. I either stood there and told them what to do, or actually played – but moved at a crawl, instead of my normal gallop. It actually put me on par with them, which I think they enjoyed, though they did miss their monster tag. 🙂
  6. The computer is a wonderfully useful tool full of fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren – healthy or sick. Since my grandchildren are totally into their old and new LEGOs, including their StarWars LEGOs, we found some fun YouTube videos created by other kids, showing how they designed special LEGOs toys. Webkinz and their virtual stuffed animals was also a popular hit this week. In fact, one of my Grand-Twins talked me into signing on to my own account for a round of checkers. He soundly beat me too! 🙂
  7. Finally, once we were all played out, Netflix came to my rescue. They have excellent educational shows like Caillou, Kipper, Dolphins, and Mighty Machines, as well as a handful of Christian kids' programs like Hermie and Veggie Tales available for instant download into our computer! Talk about a helpful Granny Nanny's resource!  I really appreciate their great service! 

All in all,we had a fun, interesting and educational week that was still easy for a sick Sandwich Generation grandma. How about you? What are some of your tips for activities for grandparents and grandchildren when you are under the weather? 

P.S. If you want to give Netflix a try, here's one of their great discount offers! 🙂

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