4th of July Fun for Grandkids, Elderly, and You!

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WOO HOO. The 4th of July is coming up and that can mean fun times for grandparents and grandkids at family get-togethers. For that matter, it can mean fun times for the days preceding the 4th, whether you will get together on the 4th or not.

For instance:

With all these fun ideas, you could spend the whole week making tons of goodies, such as patriotic pinwheels, star wreaths, and colorful planter pots. What do you do with them, though? Decorate your house and their house, of course.

Then, how about looking around for any elderly neighbors who don’t have family living nearby. What a great encouragement it would be to them, and what a great character building exercise for your grandkids, to take some of those goodies over to the neighbor on or around the 4th. In fact, Grandma Gifts of Love has a great article about that.

If you start today, you could even make some cute goodies and patriotic decorations to send to cousins or aging parents who don’t live close by. How fun to open up a package the day or so before the 4th and find all sorts of colorful, patriotic decor and know that your family has similar sets. It can make the distance seem not so far away.

I hope this gives you plenty of fun ideas. And I hope and pray you and your family all have a peaceful, blessed 4th of July!

Don’t forget to check HomemakerBarbi for more Family Friday Fun Ideas to share with your grandkids!

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    • Kaye Swain
    • June 28, 2009

    More fun 4th of July ideas for grandkids and families http://tinyurl.com/nnkh5u

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