14 Easter Presents For Grandchildren of All Ages

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The concept of Easter presents is growing. When I was a kid, we usually got a basket full of hard-boiled eggs and a couple of small pieces of chocolate, plus a really tasty chocolate Easter bunny. My senior mom's memories are vaguer. Her parents had just come through the depression and had to move to a new state just to get work. She remembers more of the hard-boiled eggs, some chocolates from the grocery store, and an occasional basket. Nowadays kids often get a basket from their parents and maybe a few more from grandparents, other relatives and good friends! As a Sandwich Generation granny nanny to the close grandchildren and always looking for fun things to do for and with my grandchildren who live far away, I do give them Easter presents. However, since I know they get plenty of eggs and candy from others, I try to keep the focus of my Easter presents pointing to Jesus Christ and His awesome Resurrection!

Once upon a time when I just had one grandchild, I bought an adorable Easter basket full of Christian books and DVDs and re-used it every year. As the number of grandkids kept going up, I switched to cheap Easter baskets for each. As my space to store said Easter baskets kept going down, I switched and treated them each to Easter buckets with hand shovels along with books and DVDs for a couple of years, but then they started running out of space too! 

Now I follow a simpler approach. This year it's still DVDs, CDs, and books about Jesus, but in simple little bags. I've found my grandchildren all seem to enjoy using the bags I give them to put all their special treasures in and tote them around for days on end. And since I go with the very inexpensive variety, they can be happy and so can I.

Are you looking for some fun ideas for Easter presents for your own grandchildren? How about:

  1. Veggie Tales An Easter Carol DVD
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia DVDs – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian DVDs
  3. The Easter Story by Patricia A. Pingry (I LOVE her books! 🙂
  4. The The Best Thing About Easter by Christine Tangvald
  5. The Berenstain Bears – God Loves You! by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  6. 3-2-1 Penguins DVDs
  7. Britt Nicole Music such as The Lost Get Found
  8. WOW Hits 2010 praise and worship music CD
  9. David Crowder Band praise and worship musicsuch as Forever and Ever or O Praise Him

Another idea is Bibles  which are always a great way to point our grandchildren to God! As they grow, it's a terrific opportunity to update their older Bibles. Even if you have a tween or teen who is going through a difficult time, the novelty of a new Bible will often encourage them to dip into it. I always make sure to include a favorite praise and worship music CD with it as well. Some of our favorite Bibles include:

Younger grandchildren:

Older grandchildren:

Well, that's my Easter list, and then some, for the year. Pop a couple of these in a basket or bag, along with a whole lot of love, and you'll have Easter presents that will be giving for an eternity!

How about you? Any other ideas to add to this list of Easter presents for your grandchilden? We'd love to hear about them. For that matter, don't forget to add your email to the FREE SandwichINK email updates request, for more fun holiday resources and ideas for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandchildren…..


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  1. Hi Linda, I have a wide variety of ways, from the whim of the moment, to a list from the grandkids, to specific holiday preferences. For example, my Easter gift giving is almost always centered around Jesus, while my Christmas is a combination of Christian education and music, coupled with other fun things my grandkids love. Birthdays are usually from a list. How about the rest of y’all? We’d love to hear 🙂

    • Aunt Linda
    • April 1, 2010

    I like your creative ideas for gift-giving. As the owner of a kids’ Internet-based toy store, I’ve had some interesting discussions with marketing “experts” about what informs grandparents’ decisions on gift giving, especially for grandchildren far away. Some say it’s not the gift that’s so important but the bonding that occurs by staying in touch through gift giving. Others say they think grandparents are more interested in the quality of the gift and the creativity the gift inspires. I would love to know how you and your readers decide on gifts for your far-away grandchildren, and how often you send and/or would like to send them.

    Thanks and Happy Easter!

    Aunt Linda

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