Yummy AND EASY Holiday Treats for The Busy Sandwich Generation

by Kaye Swain

Happy Pink Saturday on a bleak and chilly afternoon. And it's all about holiday treats which reminded me of two of my faves – one new and one old – on the dining room table. My senior mom and I LOVE them – way too much for our waistlines. So I usually only buy these for special occasions. 

The sugar cookies have been a favorite of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny for decades.

Easy and yummy Christmas cookies are a great help for the Sandwich Generation

The Red Velvet cookies are brand new to me – both from Walmart. And both SO DELICIOUS. 

These Red Velvet cookies are also yummy and still easy for the Sandwich Generation

They make great after-school snacks for the grandkids, delightful treats when visiting elderly parents (if they are ok for their diet, of course) and are terrific to have on hand for any drop-in holiday visitors. And they keep well too – at least, until you open the package, probably. :)

In other words, they are tasty, handy, and easy! All wonderful traits for all of us in the busy Sandwich Generation with no time to bake during this season of life. Enjoy! 


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