Whether Elementary, Middle School, or High School – All Kinds of Science Fair Resources Abound Online to Make it Easier for All of Us Grandparents!

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The Sandwich Generation grandmother has helped with all sorts of science fair projects - from high school to middle school to grade schoolI have a deep dark secret to confess! I am NOT fond of science fairs! They are time-consuming, deadline-inducing, sometimes frustrating, often expensive, and (for this science-challenged Sandwich Generation grandmother) HARD! That being said, they are also educational, interesting, informative, and a good life-lesson for our kids and grandkids. SO when it’s science fair time, if I get drafted to help out, I always do.

(And by the by, if you are also a boomer or senior like me, you – like me – probably never had to do a science fair til our kids came along. According to WIkipedia, science fairs started in the 50s and still aren’t done a lot here – but all of my kids and grandkids schools have, so we are WELL familiar with them now! 🙂

Are you another Sandwich Generation grandparent who struggles with all science fair projects - this looks like a big help for elementary school science fair projectsIf you are in the same boat on occasion, you might appreciate a little extra help. And I have a very smart grandchild who suggested Science Buddies as a great resource. Along with that, and the books pictured in this article, other useful sites and resources include:

Don’t forget the poster board – we get ours at Walmart, Target, or MIchael’s – along with cool stickers that go with the project, the colored markers for writing on the poster board, and other specific needs to their assignment.

And with that being said, it’s time for this Sandwich Generation grandparent to get back to the throes of science experimentation (well, really, my grandchild is doing it all – I’m just helping her with running the errands to collect a few more needed items. 🙂 ). Happy science-ing to us all!

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