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Two Chats and a Useful Resource to Help Us with Caring For Our Elderly Parents

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments are full of your sweet family memories and can be fun for remembering special times with your senior parentsIt's the Thursday before Christmas and many of us in the Sandwich Generation are in the throes of holiday fun – from parties, to cookie making with grandkids, to crafty fun with family members and more. We may also be dealing with some of the less fun parts of the holidays such as stress, senior health issues, and too much to do!

Last week, one of my favorite resources – #ElderCareChat on Twitter, sponsored by Seniors for Living and – dealt with just those topics and I have the link to the recap, just for you. It's definitely a timely subject for this year, plus a great site to bookmark for future holidays.

Not only that, I've learned that another very useful resource from Twitter, #TalkAlz, has a recap up for their last chat about Alzheimer's Disease. Many thanks to Craig Fukushima (@ctffox) for that information along with so many other great tips.

Both of these Twitter Chats are held regularly throughout the year (ElderCareChat is every other Wednesday with the next on December 28 and TalkAlz is the 2nd Tuesday of each month) and have very knowledgeable participants – both those who work in the eldercare field, and others, like myself, who are in the trenches with our own senior parents and other family or friends. You'll find useful tips, great resources like this Alzheimers Resource Guide from Seniors for Living, and the important knowledge that we are not alone in all of this. Something my senior mom would have really valued decades ago when she was in the Sandwich Generation, before it was called that! And that's ALWAYS good news for all of us boomers and seniors caring for the elderly parents and relatives in our families, isn't it? 🙂

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Thanks so much for the props on the recap of #talkalz but much more importantly, great thanks for promoting two wonderful tweetchats, #eldercarechat and #talkalz. For those that are passionate about eldercare issues like yourself, these are two essential chat sessions.

I have found that the Twitter community has been a source of excellent knowledge for me. Twitter has allowed me to connect with outstanding eldercare advocates like you from whom I have obtained useful information and strong support.

I do hope that those of your readers and followers who have not participated in #eldercarechat and #talkalz will take the time to do so. I think they’ll be very glad they did.

Thanks again Kaye for all your fantastic support-keep up the great work!

Two Chats & a useful resource to help us with caring for our elderly parents 🙂

RT @SandwichINK: Two Chats and a Useful Resource to Help Us with Caring For Our Elderly Parents #Talkalz

RT @SandwichINK: Two Chats and a Useful Resource to Help Us with Caring For Our Elderly Parents #Talkalz

RT @sandwichink: 2 Chats & a useful resource to help us w/caring for our senior parents: <–Thx 4 mentioning us! -M

Thanks so much to @SandwichINK for the #TalkAlz shout-out!


Thanks so much to @SandwichINK for the #TalkAlz shout-out!

These sound like excellent resources and places of help, encouragement and comfort. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Craig – for the lovely visit and for the sweet words of encouragement and inspiration! AND for all the help you share so freely on Twitter. 🙂 Have a blessed New Year. 🙂

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