Travel Tips for the Sandwich Generation: Watch Those Bathrooms!

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Travel Tips for the Sandwich Generation - Boomers and Seniors - planning on bathing at hotels - make sure your room has an easy to access tubWhile visiting family, I stayed the first night at a hotel as my flight got in very late. Feeling very confident the room would work well for me, as I had followed my own travel tips to make sure the room was on the first floor, I walked into the bathroom and gawked at the bathtub. The sides seemed so high! I finally decided my eyes were playing tricks on me as I was so tired so I headed for bed and slept like a log. 

Feeling much better when I woke the next morning, after a solid seven hours sleep,  I walked back into the bathroom, rubbed my eyes, then realized the sides of that tub really were higher than the norm for this hotel, and any other hotel I've ever stayed at! Sure enough, when I climbed into the tub, I was OK but it was DEFINITELY high!

I was really glad my senior mom wasn't with me on this trip. She would NEVER have been able to get into that tub. While I'm sure many bath soakers probably love that tub,  I'm pretty sure many senior citizens would have great difficulty getting into it. (For that matter, most of my grandkids would have needed help too!) Yet another reason to follow #1 on my list of 12 Travel Tips for Senior Home Care Givers and Their Carees. If any of you have any kind of health issues, always ask if the hotel/motel has handicapped rooms available. While they can vary widely from room to room, they should still offer easier access to bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs, which is so important.

How about you and your Sandwich Generation family? Have you ever had a hotel room with a bathtub/shower that was too hard to get into? We'd love to hear.