Gotta Love the Sweetly Intertwined Sandwich Generation Issues

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The rollator walker is great news for boomers and seniors who need some extra stability and assistanceOne of the sweet joys of the Sandwich Generation is having a variety of friends of different ages, interests, and talents. I have friends who are caring for elderly parents, as I am, and we appreciate comparing notes to see what works and doesn't work. Since I am often babysitting grandchildren, some of whom are in homeschool and others in Christian school classrooms, I also enjoy learning new tips from the many younger moms I often work with when I am volunteering in both educational situations. 

Even online, I get to visit with all ages while writing about caring for senior parents and grandkids. And what's really fun is when those two worlds "collide." I so enjoyed an article written by Mary Nix, a sweet online friend I work with through my guest posts at EldercareABC. She also homeschooled her children and I loved how she intertwines the homeschooling and caregiving throughout her article, Happy 2012.

Babysitting grandchildren - for me - can often include helping with their Christian school homework or home schooling programsOf course, that is a big part of the Sandwich Generation issues, isn't it? Intertwining family needs in and through all that God has us involved in. Whether it's school, work, family, friends – caregiving is a vital part of our lives. And isn't it a sweet joy to be a blessing to others! Not to mention being blessed so much by so many others. Yes, it has it tough side as well. Not everything is fun and rosy. But daily, I see God's grace and blessings, like good friends and loving family, holding me up and holding me together. I pray you are as well.

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  • And you are a great blessing to others, such as myself Kaye! Thank you! Finding you over at Susan’s made my New Year’s!