The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandkids Are Enjoying Sick Days Watching the Kratt Brothers

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For the Sandwich Generation babysitting grandchildren - colds may be plentiful indeedTwo weeks til Christmas, the grandkids are all excited and checking their stockings! And what's the Sandwich Generation granny nanny up to? Washing my hands obsessively, coughing into my arm and not their cute little faces, and being extra careful to not give them the cold I have. As with parents and grandparents down through the centuries, caregiving doesn't often get holidays or sick days and that's OK. Because their sweet faces are a good little feel-better tonic for me. BUT, I have to admit, the energy I usually have is missing and that does make it harder when babysitting grandchildren, doesn't it?

You can still share Zoboomafoo with your grandkids along with two other educational shows on this dvdFortunately, I have a new tool from "old friends" for all of us grandparents! Obviously, TV is great when you don't feel good and don't want to do much. But I really prefer educational shows and they've seen all the Magic Schoolbus episodes (though they do still love them). A couple of weeks ago, I found that two favorite explorers my oldest grandchild and I used to enjoy  – the Kratt Brothers on Zoboomafoo – had come up with a new kids educational TV show that my grandboys LOVE!  Wild Kratts features two brothers who teach kids about wild animals in a high-energy and very entertaining way, combining real life video with cartoon adventures and giving them a very interesting show that is also factual and educational. It's one of those shows that grown-ups can enjoy as much as the kids and grandkids. 

Wild Kratts Creature Adventures are fun educational resources for sick day quiet activities for grandparents and their grandchildrenWild Kratts is currently available on my cable channel but not on Netflix or Amazon Videos. Blockbuster offers the DVDs but not the On Demand version. Amazon does carry their DVDs though AND you can watch at least one show on their PBS website, as well as play online games that my grandboys love! Yet another educational activity requiring minimal effort from a sick grandparent. πŸ™‚ 

It's nice to know that on those Sandwich Generation "days" when we don't feel good and have to use the electronic babysitter to help us with babysitting our sweet grandchildren, we can do it with fun educational shows like these. Ah-choo!  πŸ™‚ 

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