The Baby Boomers Generation is Caring for Elderly Parents, Having Fun With Grandkids, and Even Rockin’ With The Roosters!

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This French Country Rooster Kitchen Decor clock says it is time for the Rooster blog party

It’s the middle of a simmering Sandwich Generation summer and I just want to crow,


When I first heard about Barb’s Second Annual “Show Us Your Roosters” Blog Party at Bella Vista, I thought, “How intriguing!” My second thought was, “If I have any roosters, they are packed away in storage while God has me happyΒ and busy caring for elderly parents and grandkids as we trek around the U.S. ala Abraham. πŸ™‚

Then I remembered a fun time when one grandchild was in kindergarten and they had to go on a hunt for the Gingerbread Man. Anywhere we found a Gingerbread Man, we took a picture and brought it to school. It was so much fun I decided to give it a try with roosters and get friends and family involved once again. So, taking a short break from our family fun with Bible Memory verses activities for grandparents and their grandchildren (which will return next week πŸ™‚ ), off we go!

I started with my senior mom, as I had vague family memories of country rooster kitchen and living room decor adorning my grandparents’ house. She and I had such a nice chat about them. One I remembered, in particular, was a giant (or so it seemed to a second grader) glass ceramic rooster like this wooden one:

My grandparents had a giant ceramic rooster - it looked very similar to these two country wood roosters

I then sat down and thought through when I was a young mom – how did I decorate my house? I remembered that the “in” style for the 80s (a fond memory for the never-aging baby boomers generation) was of cute country geese. Geese on curtains, geese on towels. I even added geese to my stationery on my brand new Mac 512k.

Cute country geese like this were the popular country kitchen and house decor for this never-aging baby boomers generation

Geese have faded though, and when I talked to one of my daughters, I knew my grandmother would have been thrilled to discover roosters are back again in a big way. Or, as my daughter explained, French Country Rooster Decor is BIG!Β 

“I LOVE rooster kitchen and house decor,” she exclaimed. And very sweetly sent me some photos. Isn’t this a lovely Country Red Rooster trivet!


And look at this sweet and sunny Sunflower and Rooster Dinnerware plate?

File name: Country-Rooster-Kitchen-Decor-dinnerware-like-these-cute-dishes-are-quite-popular-right-now

The Rooster gravy boat is cute too!


Last week, as I was driving home from a luncheon, I spotted a favorite antique store my senior parents and I liked to visit when running errands. It had been over ten years since we’d been there, so, of course, I had to stop.

While browsing through and enjoying more delightful memories of my dear dad, not to mention plenty of cute goodies from my Baby Boomer youth, I was also delighted to spot a delightful Country Rooster dinnerware set – plates, cups, gravy boat, and other accessories:

I loved the rooster dishes and plates I found at my parents favorite antique store - brought back several sweet family memories


Rooster dinnerware like this gravy pitcher are both practical and delightful collectibles

Here is the Rooster of a pair of salt and pepper shakers which one of my daughters fell in love with and has since adopted. πŸ™‚

Rooster Salt and Pepper Shakers make delightful collectibles my aunt would have loved for her country kitchen rooster decor

Look at this cute ceramic rooster cookie jar.

Cheerfully crowing away - this ceramic rooster cookie jar makes cute country kitchen rooster decor collectibles

My memories were certainly right! Roosters WERE big in my grandparents era! Seems like, “the more things change, the more they stay the same!”

Next it was time for fun rooster activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. One grandchild went digging through all their toys, just to find this tiny toy rooster and chicken for her grandma! πŸ™‚


And check out this adorable rooster – fun for farm activities for grandparents and grandchildren, for sure!Β 

Even my grandkids’ school got in on the fun. This was the first week back to homework for them. As we were cuddling together and reading some of their literature textbooks before nap, I was delighted to find one of the selections was from the Real Mother Goose:

A Cock and Bull Story

My strutting rooster from Word-Filled Wednesday would certainly bring the true country into my kitchen decor if he went strolling through the kitchen - tiny tho he may be

The cock’s on the housetop blowing his horn;

The Bull’s in the barn a-threshing of corn;

The maids in the meadows are making of hay;

The ducks in the river are swimming away.

Naturally, I had to check on my favorite clip art site, Trina & friends, which has several adorable choices of Rooster clipart including:

Country Rooster clipart from Trina is so cute and is perfect for my decor

Prim Country Rooster clipart is great for the prim decor

So perfect for craft projects with the grandkids and cute notes to friends and senior relatives!

After all the rooster excitement, sharing, and photos of the past couple of weeks, I even got to add to my own mini collection. Two things that I love to collect, which are small enough and practical enough to travel with me, are:

Rooster Kitchen Potholders which are perfect with my home decor!
I love cute French Country rooster potholders to add some pizzaz to my kitchen decor


a brand new Christmas Tree Ornament.

With this adorable French Country Rooster Christmas Tree ornament to add to my Christmas kitchen or home decor - I will enjoy fun family memories of the Show Us Your Roosters blog party for many years to come

What a fun “Show Us Your Roosters” Blog PartyΒ this has been. Lots of delightful memories for this member of the baby boomers generation, interesting new activity ideas for all of us granny nannies and pappies and your grandchildren, and even sweet conversations full of family memories for all the multi-generational ages of the Sandwich Generation!

How about YOU? I’d love to hear about your own Rooster family memories and visit your blog post. Just leave a comment below and I’ll be crowing loud, then flying off to visit you as soon as I can. And don’t forget to visit Barb at Bella Vista for more fun Rooster stories, pictures, gorgeous Country Rooster kitchen and home decor, and so much more! It’s definitely a Rooster eggs-travaganza the Sandwich Generation can all enjoy.



P.S. Want some cute country kitchen roosters for your own home decor?

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