Itsy Bitsy Fun for Grandparents and Grandchildren

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I was extra busy babysitting grandkids last week and I'm still catching up. But I had to show you these cute little "Squinkies" that came in so handy for keeping the grandchildren quietly busy at various times.

Teeny Tiny grandkid fun-A big help for this Sandwich Generation grandmother

These particular ones were Super Heroes Squinkies, perfect for my grand-boys, and I must say, the grandchildren really enjoyed them – And I enjoyed the peace and quiet that ensued as we brought them out. I had bought one set per child. Each had 12 Squinkies. But I only gave them 3 per day and we stretched out the fun for almost a week. And when I did give them out, I let them take turns picking out one Squinkie at a time, so each got plenty of ones they really wanted. A win-win for them AND me. Always nice when babysitting several grandkids at a time, don't you think?