Teaching the Ten Commandments for Kids and Grandchildren and Need a Song? Here’s Two!

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Christian Encouragement - The 10 Commandments Wall Art Plaque is a great reminder for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny grand kids & your grand childrenYES! How did you guess? I do, indeed, have another cute 10 commandments song for our kids and grand children to enjoy. Two, in fact! The last two I shared were pretty peppy, which is my favorite speed, and I've got more of those for the next week or two. But I thought it was time to give all you quieter grandparents some good options as well. 🙂

The first, The Ten Commandments, is a cute song for kids sung by Kathy Troxel from the album, Bible songs. Kathy is a familiar favorite with my grandkids and myself. She has several fun and educational songs for kids that we have enjoyed and I noticed some new ones, like the Geography Songs, Grammar Songs, States and Capitals, and History Songs, that I am going to try out. That history songs album would have come in handy big time this past year when I was helping my grandteen with her history homework! 

This particular 10 commandments song mixes their order up and uses very contemporary wording such as "Keep seven a holy day of rest, Do not take someone else's husband or wife, worship no other gods." It's more useful for teaching the meaning behind these 10 commandments for the kids- always a good thing – than the actual commandments themselves. I love that she also sings that "He is the only way, He is the great I AM." A wonderful way of combining New and Old Testament truths.

The Ten Commandments Song sung by the Bible Truth Kids from their album, Bible songs for Kids, is actually a two-song set. The kids sing the first four commandments in the first song and the fifth-tenth commandments in the second song. They use King James English including Thee, Thou, and Shalt. For example, the 8th commandment is "Thou shalt not bear false witness." The interesting part to me was that this is how I learned the 10 commandments decades ago language-wise, BUT it still has Thou Shalt not covet as the 10th commandment and honor your parents as the 5th commandment. It was quite sweet and I have a couple of grandkids who will especially love them as that is how they are learning them.

Definitely good and quieter resources, as you can tell from this Smilebox eCard with Kathy Troxel's Ten Commandments song.

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What did you think? Did you like that the Ten Commandments are mixed up? I personally prefer them in order BUT, as I said before, I love that she incorporates that God is the Only Way and the Great I Am, so I will definitely be using it for my grand kids. How about you?

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