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A Panda is cute but a Webkinz Panda is one of those stuffed animals that is cute and a gift that will be fun and educational for your grandchildren all year longThis year continues to have intriguing weather. We went from snow warnings that fizzled to gorgeous sunny skies with chilly temps that are supposed to warm every day til we hit the 70s then shoot back down. In the meantime, my grandkids and I thoroughly enjoyed the extra playtime outside today and are looking forward to roller skating fun along with a possible trip to the park tomorrow.

My back is doing OK but,understandably, I'm really baby-ing it. So today we spent much of our outside time playing "walking ball tag" meaning I would only walk while they could run to their hearts content. 

I was rather wistful about it all til God reminded me that I am in my upper 50s – almost 60, GASP! And here I'm still able and willing to run – literally – most of the time. So I can't complain about a couple of weeks of downtime, that's for sure. 

When it was time to head inside, an old favorite – Webkinz – beckoned to the grandkids providing a grand help for me. They don't play it as much as they used to, with so many other sites they enjoy as well. But when they go there, they do enjoy it just as much as ever. 

I noticed Webkinz has made a bunch more changes! They've added even more interesting challenges for kids. I liked that they got rid of their map that was so confusing. I'm not super crazy about the new way they are doing the map and the boys bypassed it totally to head straight for their old fave, checkers. I actually worked through that particular challenge and found it a tad bit difficult. Then again, I suspect kids can handle better than me.

Overall, though, I still give Webkinz an A+ for our grandkids and have already ordered new Webkinz stuffed animals for all my grandkids. Those will probably end up being Valentine gifts BUT the codes will go in earlier for some of them to ensure their sites don't expire. One nice change they've made over the years is that if they do accidentally expire, Webkinz now holds it for them and restores it when you add another pet. And you DEFINITELY want to keep their older accounts because starting over is much more difficult than it used to be. 

All in all, though, it's a fun and safe online place for our grandkids and us to enjoy. How about you and your grandchildren? Do you play the Webkinz tournament games with them – locally and/or long distance? Got any other fun and safe websites for the grandkids. We'd love to hear.

Cute Webkinz stuffed plush animals like this Webkinz bengal tiger are fun to play with and have the perfect autumn fall colors

Such fun for grandparents - in AND out of the Sandwich Generation - at Grandparents Say It Saturday Linky Party - Do Join in the fun


I must say, the weather in the middle of our beautiful United States is rarely, if ever, boring, that's for sure! A couple of weeks ago, my grandsons and I were enjoying a great time playing outside. We knew a major storm was a'comin and wanted to take advantage of the swingset before it hit. While they were having fun swinging, I took a few minutes away from some of those fun and physical boomer and senior activities with them to grab my easy to use digital camera, cleverly disguised as my iPhone, and snap just a few of the gorgeous scenes in the sky above. I know these photos don't do it justice, but hopefully you will enjoy a taste of the wooley wild weather we were enjoying – shortly before the rain started pounding! Talk about some family memories for this grandma and the grandkids. A lovely part of being in the Sandwich Generation, don't you think?

The Sandwich Generation with relatives in various states may have to stay aware of weather problems in a variety of states

It is fun for our Sandwich Generation family to watch extreme weather but we make sure to take safety precautions too

Wow! Just looking at these photos brings back the fun grins and delighted laughter under grey skies, soon to be followed with a quick scamper into the house to work on the computer and listen to a drenching rainfall. Our Sandwich Generation family did enjoy this day, and I hope you did as will. I'm linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday! Enjoy! 

My granddog loves that I can turn cute kite and dog clipart like this into coloring pages for the Sandwich Generation with iPiccyThanks to my grandkids and myself being in a kite flying mood last week, I had some more serious fun researching for educational ideas to go along with the kites. I discovered some very interesting resources for all of us grandparents – in OR out of the Sandwich Generation – to share with our grandkids.

The Serious Educational Side of Flying Kites for Our Grandchildren 

Have you visited SandwichINK at Squidoo yet? I don't have any kite flying posts up, at least not yet. I do have plenty of other useful info for the Sandwich Generation there, AND I foundTWO fellow grandmothers who do have kite flying info! Very fun:

  • ArtByLinda has a wonderful Squidoo page all about Kites – from more history info to techniques of how to fly a kite.
  • TwoDogHouse has several fun ideas for kites AND other activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

The Funner Side of Kite Flying

Would you believe there are several iPhone apps to emulate flying kites? Those could be a fun option for the grand children who can't get outside to fly a kite due to a bad cold. I downloaded some and had my grandkids test drive them for me. They thought the Pocket Kite app was pretty fun and fairly easy to learn.

Crayola has a cute coloring page of a kite our grandchildren can color online.

For that matter, remember the cute kite and dog clipart picture at the top of this post? Look at these cute kite coloring pages I was easily able to do with iPiccy – just for all of us grandparents! 🙂  May I say, my granddogs are all quite proud of me! 🙂 

My granddog loves cute kite clipart coloring pages like this for the Sandwich Generation

Cute Kite Clipart Coloring Pages for the Sandwich Generation.jpg



I have to admit, with all the juggling the Sandwich Generation duties require, I definitely appreciate easy coloring pages and worksheets for some quiet time for the grandkids. How about you?  Enjoy!   🙂

Do you remember when the movie Mary Poppins first came to the theater. Oh my! I still remember sitting there – totally enchanted by all the wonderful songs and dancing. It's one of my extra special family memories, that's for sure! I treasure the memories of sitting there with my parents and enjoying the vibrant colors, singable songs, and fun story. I even remember enjoying the hot buttered popcorn. That was a rare luxury then AND now. Only then it was because of budgets and now it's because of my baby boomer metabolism! 🙂 I had grown up loving fun old musicals thanks to my parents and grandparents and this movie was definitely delightful addition to our family favorites! 

I thought of Mary Poppins this week when my senior mom and I were talking about all the kite flying fun the grandkids and I had. Do you remember the happy song, from it – Let's Go Fly A Kite? It's perfect for this week, don't you think? 🙂

I asked my senior mom if she remembered flying a kite when she was young. She explained that her dad, my grandfather, stayed so busy working and maintaining his rental houses, that he didn't really play a lot and they had never flown kites. She did have some vague recollection of when we were children and taking us out to enjoy flying kites. Just like me, though, she didn't really know how to make a kite and left most of the work to MY dad. 🙂

Somehow, though, that conversation did lead to some other fun family memories of the house my grandfather had built. She even had an article that showed the plans he used to build it. We had a lovely time reminiscing together. One of the difficulties of the Sandwich Generation is that we can stay so busy helping, we don't always remember to just stop and talk and have fun. I'm trying to be good at doing just that by asking more questions of past events. I enjoy hearing about them and our aging parents love to share them. So, did you senior parents ever go fly a kite? Or take you to see Mary Poppins when it first hit the theater? I bet you'll have fun finding out and we'd love to hear too. 🙂