toshiba tiny computers like my netbook

My Desert Cottage has invited all of us boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation to a fun party to see where blogger createWelcome to one of the fun Party Blog posts for the Sandwich Generation here at SandwichINK. Today we are joining in with My Desert Cottage as various bloggers, including "moi," show off our creative workspaces for her third annual, "Where Bloggers Create" Blog Party for 2011. Without further adieu, let's head off on the SandwichINK grand tour. 

"Tour," you say? "I thought you were going to show me where you work?" 

Ah, yes. Well, as a Sandwich Generation granny nanny, dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren, that's a little more complicated than you might think. You see, I do my best creating AND blogging


I guess you could say one of my mottos is "Have Laptop, iPhone, and Toshiba netbook, will travel."   🙂

My dining room table is a favorite for my grandkids and me. We've had a lot of fun making a wide variety of crafts here including these cute Christmas foamie projects. Plus, it's easy for me to set up my laptop on it to play Webkinz games with them or work while I supervise their fort-making projects utilizing all of my couches and pillows. Quite enjoyable!

Fun foam crafts like Christmas stickers and Christmas tree ornaments make easy crafts for seniors and kids

Then there are my grandkids' dining room tables! Here are the autumn wreaths one set of grands and I enjoyed creating:Working at their table and even on the floor - each grandchild showed a different creative flavor and all of the grandchildren had a delightful time - as did this very happy Sandwich Generation granny nanny.jpg

While these plates are full of the sweet and easy sugar cookies my other set of grands and I worked on. And yes, when they're napping, I'm often typing away at either of these tables, preparing a new post for SandwichINK…

What fun family memories come from decorating these easy sugar cookies - as my easy to use digital camera can attest to

Then, there are the picnic tables where we've enjoyed our easy crafts for the grand kids (not to mention us seniors) as well as ball tag and bubbles activities for grandparents and grandchildren.

Picnic table activities for grandparents and their grandchildren are a lot of fun in the summer

Yet another outside creative workspace for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny - her grandkids - and her handy dandy and easy to use digital camera

Of course, in the winter, we don't use these too much. Hmmm, then again, maybe next year we should have a mini-snowman-making contest. What do you think? But NO netbook here in the winter! 🙂

This picture from my digital camera which is so easy to use shows it would NOT be easy to do crafts at this table in winter - for kids OR seniors

There's also the TV tray at the home of one of my cute granddogs. It works well for either of my computers and I get to enjoy sweet granddog company while working on projects. I have to admit, I don't do much in the way of crafting with him, but I do take a lot of fun photos with my easy to use digital camera which then go into other kinds of granddog blogging and crafting projects. And he's great for making sure I get regular exercise by taking him out for a walk. 🙂 

Granddog - computer - easy to use digital camera - and tv tray - all the flexible Sandwich Generation granny nanny needs to work

Would you believe, I can even work away from home – at comfy wifi AND grandkid friendly places like Panera, McDonald's, and Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A has been a blessing to this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her grandchildren for many years

Sometimes I'm alone, working while I wait to head over for a busy afternoon babysitting grandchildren. Other times, I may have a grandchild with me. While they are playing on the playland or working on homework, you might spot me taking pictures, typing on the netbook, and creating a Bible Memory verses project using my favorite cute country clipart.

The 9th of the 10 commandments for kids clip art teaches us to not lie - but rather speak the truth in love

The library is another of my special places and how I appreciate everyone there, not to mention all the great craft books they have full of easy crafts for the whole family – from kids to seniors. I have found the cutest ideas there and my grandson even discovered a great nature craft book for me to order for projects this coming fall.

My grandkids and I love to make cute and crafts for kids AND seniors  - then take pictures of them with my easy to use digital camera

Probably the most hectic of "my spots" is at the hospital. As a Sandwich Generation granny nanny, caring for my multigenerational family – which has included dealing with different special needs over the years – I've spent more time than I'd like in hospitals – waiting rooms, visiting rooms, patient rooms, and emergency rooms.

Lightweight transport travel wheelchairs are a big help for the busy Sandwich Generation

Nowadays, it's great that most hospitals have free wifi. That, along with my trusty iPhone and my Toshiba netbook (both being handy dandy and pretty tiny computers), allow me to be writing, blogging, and yes – even creating in the hospital when my loved ones are napping or off being tested.

I appreciate how easily my handy dandy Toshiba netbook can go with me from the back yard to the hospital

No matter where I am, I'm trusting God, loving my family, learning, creating and writing – a goal I've had for decades that I'm thrilled to be exercising fully right now. Yes, I'm often a writer…interrupted, but I'm learning to deal with that in a proactive and positive way, making this yet another great season of life, as I watch God at work in my life and the lives of those I love.

For more fun peeks into bloggers and their creative spaces, be sure to visit My Desert Cottage. Based on last year's event, not to mention Monday's adorable computer cover she made, it should be a fun and fascinating party blog post for those of us in the Sandwich Generation to enjoy and garner creative new ideas. 🙂