the sandwich generation granny nanny dealing with the multigenerational issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

Senior gardening is great for physical activities for senior citizensLook at this gorgeous red flower – although my photos do NOT do it justice – not even with my beloved and easy to use digital camera. I first discovered this intriguing velvet-y plant on a walk with my senior mom last October. Two neighborhood houses had it growing in their front yards.

Red Velvet Celosia flower might make a great plant for a colorful senior gardening project

I tried twice to catch the owners at home and ask what it was but never succeeded. When I went back a third time, the plants were gone and I wasn't sure which house I'd spotted them at, so I gave up.

Over the winter, my senior mom was enjoying reading through her Burpee gardening catalogs. She opened one up after getting it in the mailbox and lo and behold, there it was! It's a Red Velvet Celosious and it really does look like it's made of velvet!

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom think this Red Velvet Celosia Flower Plant is delightful to spot while on fun and physical senior citizen activities like walking

AND it showed up at two houses again along with some lovely autumn colored mums. That definitely makes for some fun and physical senior citizen activities for my mom and me – a lovely walk with gorgeous Red Velvet Celosia and other delightful flowers to enjoy.

My senior mom and I love autumn and fall gardening fun - especially fall colored flowers in the garden

By the way, if you are caring for aging parents who get a sad look on their face every time the mailman comes by and does NOT leave them mail, I've found gardening and hobby catalogs, are great. Also magazine subscriptions for birthdays and Christmas make wonderful gifts AND encouragers for the elderly parents and relatives in our family, giving them an enjoyable read AND fun mail all through the month. 🙂

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom enjoy seeing other gardening projects while enjoying fun and physical baby boomer and senior citizen activities

Have a fun day, and be sure to pop over and say hi to Darcy at Sweet Shot Tuesday (her 31 days of tips -many easy to use – for our digital camera and photography starts 10/1) and Sue for Rednesday – both fun for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and friends! 🙂 

"Oh Grandma, would you like to listen to the song I played for my piano recital?" my granddaughter excitedly asked over the telephone. "Absolutely, honey," I replied with a big smile. Then I heard lovely piano music in my ear, with nary a mistake that I spotted. "Grandma, did you like it!" "That was GREAT, Sweetie! I can tell you really PRACTICED hard. I'm so proud of you!" 

For those of us in the Sandwich Generation, whether we are still raising our children or helping with the next generation by babysitting grandkids, PRACTICE can be a familiar word. Reminding them to practice their piano, work on practicing their multiplication tables, practice their cursive handwriting… The list goes on and on, doesn't it? And the most important thing to put into practice? Those spiritual disciplines God is teaching us. Which is why we love to encourage them to PRACTICE their Bible memory verses – like the 10 commandments – great ways for our grand kids to PRACTICE what God teaches, isn't it?

WIth all our piano practicing grandchildren these encouraging Bible verses will be easy for them to understand


This has been my practice: I obey your precepts. You are my portion, O LORD; I have promised to obey your words. Psalm 119:56-57 (NIV)

Isn't it a joy to work at leaving a sweet spiritual legacy in the hearts and minds of our grandchildren! 🙂 

For more uplifting and inspirational Bible verses and pictures to encourage the Sandwich Generation, be sure to visit Internet Cafe Devotions. And…


My senior mom and I stopped to pick up the mail last week and were delighted to find a HUGE box waiting for me there. "What could it be," we wondered. Then I spotted the return address – Denise Brown – I still wasn't sure what it was, but knowing Denise, I knew it would probably be a sweet treasure trove of treats. I suspected it was from her "We Break for Summer!" fun I had joined in on last week, and I was right. She is such a blessing in the lives of so many, including me, and this is just one of the sweet reasons why. Follow me to see what encouragers she had packed up for me, that will be a blessing to my Sandwich Generation family!

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom were so excited to get this in the mail

Don't you love this great tote bag! And my grandgirls will love the cute hair ribbons

Denise Brown and her site Caregiving are a real blessing to the Sandwich Generation granny nanny

CHOCOLATE! How DID she know that this Sandwich Generation granny nanny is a definite chocoholic! And isn't the table decoration pretty. 🙂

Chocolate is a favorite with the Sandwich Generation granny nanny

My senior mom and my granddaughter both loved these plastic containers – my senior mom could use two for gardening and my granddaughter figured she could store some of those cute little hair bows and ribbons in one. 

My senior mom and granddaughter both loved these - mom for gardening and grandchild for cute hair bows and doo dads

Awww, I love this notepad to hang on the fridge. Great for leaving notes.

A cute notepad for the Sandwich Generation family - from great grandma down to grandchildren

Swedish Fish – A popular AND red item with the young and old!

Yummy treats for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkid

Hmmmmm, graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows – do I hear s'mores, anyone? 🙂 And don't you love the cute red tableware – also perfect for Rednesday. 

Lots of Red for Rednesday and cute pix from my easy to use digital camera - sweet treats for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny

And would you believe, there was even more in there. Thank you, Denise, for such a sweet treat for this Sandwich Generation caregiver. It was a real lift to my spirits, as well as my senior mom's.

That's a big reason I love to share blog party posts with y'all. Even without prizes, they can be a real "spirit-lifter" to those of us who are staying so busy caring for elderly parents and raising our kids or babysitting our grandchildren – and we don't have to clean, dress up, or leave our homes. With autumn on its way – there should be plenty of blog parties coming up – from fall harvest fun to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years….. Gotta love it. 🙂 Gotta love the regular weekly fun as well, like Rednesday and Sweet Shot Tuesday, where we can enjoy sharing the pictures we each took with our own easy to use digital camera. Enjoy! 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids have fun playing baseball safely with a foam bat and soft small foam ballsStrength Issues for The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny

My sweet senior's green tennis balls aren't the only colorful balls floating and rolling around our Sandwich Generation family this month. My grandsons and I have been having a blast playing our own version of softball, using a soft foam bat and plastic wiffle balls.

Just one problem. My grandkids are getting older and stronger! A good thing! Except I'm getting older too. And a tad bit slower. So when one of their strong hits comes right towards this skittish Sandwich Generation granny nanny, it can hurt! That led to me doing a worse job than normal at pitching. I finally realized that I was subconsciously "ducking" ahead of time, leading to poor pitches. And since I'm not the greatest pitcher in the world anyway, it was time to find a solution we could all live with.

diamond sports soft foam balls are great for grandchildren who are in training for softball and being helped by all us chicken granny nanniesSoft, Small, Squishy, and Foam Balls to The Rescue

Fortunately, I had one soft squishy foam "base ball" that worked well and didn't hurt when it hit me (yes, I got to "test drive" it. 🙂 ). But I wanted a couple of more so I could do several pitches before collecting all the balls. So off to Dollar Tree we trooped. Sadly, since it is the end of summer, and the autumn season was in full swing – INSIDE the store, with tons of fun fall faux foliage and decorations, most of the squishy balls were gone. 

We did find one, though, along with two water balls, and two soft "hairy" balls (which make great sensory toys). i bought one of each to give them all a try, along with one of the small plastic play balls for the kids I already had at home. My grandkids and I figured that was a fun "science experiment" for our week.

The Grandkids Discovered How the Soft Small Foam Balls Worked

How did they fare? The water balls were pretty duddy for this purpose when we used them dry. After we soaked them in water, they actually worked quite well. And since it was warm, we didn't mind getting damp. The hairy balls were fun to throw and catch but terrible for batting so they were scratched. The squishy balls continued to work well and at least now I have two. And the big surprise? The small plastic play ball also worked great and was easier for me to pitch. Of course, with their Upwards softball coming up soon, we'll probably focus more on the smaller foam balls. So I was thrilled to discover more at Amazon, just in case we run out (those home run hits do get lost sometimes!).

Juggs lite-flite small foam balls for their jugs baseball pitching machine can also be used for grandparents to toss to their grandkidsLOVE Fun and Physical Grandkid and Boomer-Senior Citizen Activities!

The end result? Lots of fun, great physical senior citizen AND grandkid activities (running those bases, even slowly like me, is definitely one of the ways for how people over 50 can raise their metabolism – sigh…I just wish it worked a little faster on this granny nanny bod! 🙂 ), and sweet family memories for all of us. 

P.S. Want some squishy soft small foam balls of your own? Here are some nice looking ones:

Three great choices – all of which should be easier on our Sandwich Generation boomer senior bodies when our grandkids hit those hard home runs right to us! 🙂