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Praise and Worship In Christ

Amazon’s free praise and worship mp3s are great ways to encourage Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents, including In Christ from Big Daddy Weave!

Caregiving Vs. To Do Lists

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! If you didn’t already see it, be sure to take a peek at the Valentine card I made for you at http://www.sandwichink.com/a-valentine-for-your-long-distance-elders . Click on the big checkerboard 🙂 I spent this day having fun with grandkids in the a.m., moving and helping my mom with her aching back in between, and …

A Valentine for Your Long Distance Elders

Saturday is THE BIG DAY of the month – Valentine’s Day. What are you doing for your special senior citizens who don’t live close to you? In case caregiving duties have kept you busy and you haven’t had a chance to pick out something special, here are a few ideas you can do from home. …

Merry Christmas

Today, instead of a regular post, I have a special Christmas card for all of you! Just click and enjoy. There is a Christmas carol by Point of Grace that will play as you read so be sure you have your speakers on, but not too loud 🙂 . Merry Christmas!

Three Multi-tasking and Fun Ideas for Grandparents

Multi-tasking is a popular buzzword and one I am particularly fond of. People who work with computers think they were the originators, but all of us caregivers know that we’ve been doing it long before someone invented a word for it. One way I love to multi-task is as a grandmother. I enjoy taking my …