Merry Christmas! Check out my senior mom's gorgeous Red Cardinal Christmas tree ornament! Isn't it pretty! 🙂 And it looks so nice on our Christmas tree, which is loaded with gifts underneath. I can't believe it, but in the midst of all the extra Sandwich Generation issues, I'm actually not doing bad at prepping for Christmas. That's mainly because I started early JUST IN CASE health issues arose, which they are starting to do. So far, it's mainly just a mild flu bug and some health issues for my senior mom that have been ongoing. But the warnings are out this may be a bad flu year so I am hoping to be all done soon.

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves her aging parents red Kentucky cardinal - a sweet and unique Christmas tree ornament

Another thing I'm "test-driving" this year is organizing my gifts to make it easier to deal with them on Christmas AND to be prepared just in case I have to send them with someone else. First, I followed the grand advice from #EldercareChat and took advantage of my sweet mom's offer to wrap the gifts. To make it easier for both of us, I put all the gifts for one person into one bag with that person's name on it. Then, I gave one bag at a time to my senior mom. She wrapped them all and put them back into the same cute bag. That way, it wasn't confusing for her and she had a great time as she listened to Christmas music and books on tape. She did a bag a day and then headed for a good solid nap after each.

Organized Christmas presents under the tree make a life full of the Sandwich Generation issues a bit easier

The three exceptions were the gifts my grandkids bought each other at Dollar Store. Those, they wrapped. Now all are under the tree looking delightful and when we head for their house on Christmas, it'll be so easy and festive to carry the bags and a piece of cake to hand a bag at a time to the "elves" who hand out the gifts to everyone. I'll have to let you know if it makes it more peaceful on Christmas Day. 🙂 Even if not, it's still more peaceful here! And if health prevents us going, which has happened a couple of times over the decades, it'll be easy for us to send the bags and easy for them to hand them out. When you have very young kids or are dealing with the Sandwich Generation health issues of life, planning  ahead for illnesses can really be necessary! 

Happy Rednesday, Happy Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party and Happy Tuesday. 🙂 

My absolute favorite of our boomer and senior gardening activities - the Mr Lincoln Rose - definitely one of the most fragrant roses available and oh so beautiful

Late spring and summer are definitely fun times for my whole Sandwich Generation family! My grandkids and I love to spend extra time outside, playing various ball and water games, while my senior mom is always thrilled to show off her latest gardening activities to the grandkids, me and YOU! And all these fun leisure activities for boomers and seniors are such a great way for how people over 50 can raise their metabolism.  Talk about good news for boomers and seniors!

My senior mom planted these to protect her gardening from the activities of the squirrels

I do not know if it is the marigolds or the large inflatable snake for our senior gardening activities but the squirrels and bunnies have been behaving much better

This year the Sunflower House is pretty tiny - thanks to some squirrels and bunnies eating a lot of the seeds my senior mom planted for her gardening activities

My grandkids and I have been enjoying a wading pool that I park by the sunflowers - butterfly bush - and roses - then I can use the water from the pool to help with my senior moms watering and other gardening activities

If you were wondering, that inflatable snake for gardening AND/OR the marigolds do seem to be doing a good job at keeping the bunnies and squirrels away from the plants. And I must say, I did have such fun taking these photos – and enjoyed the deep shadows on the pictures. Did you notice the shadow of me besides my grandson's hand as we filled the wading pool? 🙂 Snapping photos with my easy to use digital camera is another of those leisure activities for boomers and seniors that can be such a great destresser for caregivers, don't you think? And to enjoy more fun photos, be sure to visit Rednesday later today and Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. All great fun for the Sandwich Generation caregivers and simple ways to "taking care of the caregiver" by taking a bit of a break. 

My senior mom and grandkids are enjoying their gardening activities including taking care of the Mr Lincoln rose - one of the most fragrant roses for sure

Isn't this purty! It's the ONE rose we got on our Mr. Lincoln Rose we planted last year. Only one, but OH so pretty, OH so long lasting, and OH so wonderful to smell. They really are the most fragrant roses and I do love them! My senior mom has taken such great care of this bush along with all her other gardening projects and activities and has been reveling in the lovely weather while working at trimming, planting, and feeding her beloved birds. And yes, squabbling with her equally beloved, though she'd deny it with every breath, little squirrels.

Roses are such a sweet encouragement to this baby boomer in the midst of the Sandwich Generation

Aren't these roses lovely also? They are all over our neighborhood. They look lovely and bloom mightily, but have no scent. Personally, I'll take one Mr Lincoln Rose that smells heavenly over a million that have no scent, pretty though they may be. 🙂

My senior mom loves her gardening activities - especially when the weather is as delightful as it has been

Mom's garden wagons are full of all her new plants – from the sunflowers she and the grandkids planted as they prepare for this years Sunflower house or houses (As many seeds as they planted, I think there may be a million!) to the various other flowers she's hoping will attract a ton of butterflies.

At times the weather has reminded me of Hawaii and the lovely muumuu dresses that are such great comfort clothing for the elderly seniors like my dear grandmother

It's been such weird weather all winter and spring – but lots of gorgeous sunshine and early spring means one of the prettiest springs ever – even the wildflowers are gorgeous! And often, we can smell flowers in the air from everywhere. The other day, it was breezy, warm, and humid – it reminded me of Hawaii! Hmmm, maybe that's what made me think of the lovely and colorful Hawaiian muumuu dresses that my grandmother loved so much. They make such delightful comfort clothes for boomers and seniors

Other days the weather is rainy and stormy - making this Sandwich Generation grandmother appreciate my full and side elastic waist jeans and pants that keep me warm and fairly dry

But then the storm clouds come back along with thunder, lightning, and rain and I really appreciate my Lee side elastic jeans that keep me warm and fairly dry even in the wet and wooley weather. Not to mention our senior parents full elastic waist jeans and pants. How about you? How's your weather? And your gardening activities? I must say, I do have fun snapping photos with my easy to use digital camera. And speaking of cameras, want  to see more fun photos? Check out Sweet Shot Tuesday. While, if RED is your thang – enjoy Rednesday. Also, don't forget, stay up-to-date on all things multigenerational here at SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

Granddog is looking a bit bored - I think he needs perking up so he is going to help me prepare for the Ultimate Blog Party 2012 for all of us in the Sandwich Generation

Oh me oh my! Easter is over, Mother's Day is a month away, but THIS WEEK the fun begins with the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party 2012 and YOU are ALL invited to join in the blog party fun with me! And fun it is! This will be my FOURTH year joining in with this very exciting blog party (would you believe it – it's going to my my FIFTH year birthday party for SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation in August! WOW!). The Ultimate Blog Party will have goodies galore and you don't have to have a blog to enter to win. And, since my granddog was looking a bit bored up there…

Look at that-mention the Ultimate Blog Party 2012 that this Sandwich Generation granny nanny is joining in with and he looks a bit perkier

I drafted him to help me tell you all about it and invite you to join in the fun here as well as at 5 Minutes for Mom. As I have in the past, I'll be looking for compadres at the UBP12, including fellow members of the Sandwich Generation, as well as other baby boomers, senior citizens, grandparents, caregivers, etc. Then I'll share the blogs I find here at SandwichINK along with other fun info, news and resources to encourage all of us in the Sandwich Generation. And look at this – my granddog is saying he would LOVE for you to join in the fun! 

I do believe granddog is using his little toy to say he would LOVE to help me invite boomers and seniors caregivers and grandparents to join in the fun in the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

The Ultimate Blog Party starts on Friday, April 13 and ends on Saturday, April 20. My first post will be VERY early at Midnight, EST, in order to link up to their site whenever I am able to (there are so many who join in, it can take a few hours 🙂 ). After that, y'all just come on by here, get their link, leave fun comments, meet new friends, sign up for great prizes, and enjoy some excellent caregiver support and stress-relief right from your own home. A lovely way of caring for the caregiver, don't you think? 🙂 

Yup - granddog grabbed his red toy to say YES - he wants all of YOU in the Sandwich Generation to join SandwichINK for the Ultimate Blog Party 2012 hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom

Yes, indeedy, my granddog and I want YOU to join in the fun this weekend, along with today as I also link up to Sweet Shot Tuesday AND Rednesday. Two weekly blog meme fun that put smiles on our faces as we enjoy great photos and lovely reds.

And certainly - you cannot resist the plea in my granddogs face shot by digital camera

Surely you can't resist the plaintive look on the face of my sweet granddog as he barks out, "Join the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and friends for this year's 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party 2012! You'll love it!" 🙂