great Wii games for kids and seniors

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny has been shopping for grandkids and looking at the Nintendo DS LiteLast year, the great Wii products from the consoles to games for kids AND seniors, were the hot topic amongst my grandkids and myself. This year, though, they seem to have "gone back to the future," so to speak, with Nintendo DS Lites. Those are a step up from their old gameboys but definitely not as high-tech as the Nintendo DS line goes. I was thrilled, though, as it was easier on everyone's pocket books. We found a great deal on them used at GameStop – and for a couple of extra dollars, we got a 2 year warranty on each player. 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny had fun shopping for Christmas gifts for the grandkidsSince we have already celebrated Christmas with this group of grandkids, they got them a week ago. Two of the grands have thoroughly enjoyed theirs, while the third got a lemon – twice! But each time, I took the DS lite in and the young men at GameStop swapped it out quickly, and we were on our way. And the third time has definitely been the charm for him. Hopefully for good now.

I found out later, we might have been able to buy them brand new from Target for only $20 more, with a two year warranty as well, though theirs is $7. But it would have meant ordering it online for most locations. And I have to say, the GameStop deal is very handy and very easy, so we're quite pleased overall.

For DS games, though, there are a lot more choices. First, I tried the local Walmart but they didn't have any in stock. Of course, there is GameStop – they carry both new and used with one-year extended warranties that range from $1-$3 depending on the price of the game. Then I happened to check online for a game I couldn't find ANYWHERE locally. I was thrilled to discover Walmart has a GREAT selection of DS games online for excellent prices – very competitive with GameStop and other stores, and their warranty is even cheaper. So they are now my first top for DS games unless I am in a dire rush (hopefully not) or they don't carry it. 

The Cars 2 DS game from Walmart is a very affordable gift for the grandkidsUsing the Cars2 DS game as an example:

  • Amazon – new is $28.53 with a shipping fee unless you have Amazon Prime Discount Membership or place a high enough order for free shipping; used starts at $24 with a $4 shipping fee; 1 year extended warranty is $4
  • GameStop – new is $29.99; used is $26.99; 1 year extended warranty varies depending on price of item, I believe it's $1-$3
  • Walmart  – new is $19.96 with free shipping if shipped to the store; used is not available; 1 year extended warranty is $3

Soooo, if your grandkids are also still DS enthusiasts, my top two stores to check first off would be Walmart and GameStop. How about you and your Sandwich Generation family? Looking for fun Wii games for kids and seniors, DS Lite, or something else? We'd love to hear.

P.S. We're still in the midst of joining in on the Christmas fun at the Holiday Progressive Blog Party. I will be giving away two Amazon $15 gift cards! One here at SandwichINK AND one at  These are great for a new caregiving book (did you know that The Complete Eldercare Planner by Joy Loverde is now available on the Kindle), joy-full Christmas praise and worship music, or maybe even a fun new game to play with the grandkids. Just leave a comment anywhere and anytime this week (through 8 p.m. EST on December 10, 2011) at SandwichINK for my giveaway. Then check out for their rules. And Merry Christmas to all – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation.

The importance of exercise is not necessarily NEW baby boomer and senior citizen news but it's currently BACK in the news in a big way and it's important information for all of us involved in caring for the elderly parents in our families to be aware of. Both for them AND for ourselves. It's vital that exercise play an important part in our lives. Whether you take long fast walks to destress from the Sandwich Generation issues, play tag outside with the grandchildren, pedal merrily away on a mini exercise bike, or enjoy great Wii games for kids and seniors, it's essential to get active and stay active. 

Grandchildren Make wonderful personal trainers for this Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny

For one thing, it gives us extra energy to keep up with the grandchildren, not to mention the sweet seniors in our lives. But it turns out it can also help us stave off or completely avoid Alzheimer's Disease and the dementia symptoms that go with it. Which is another reason why it's good to encourage our senior parents to do the same!

As Alzheimer's News points out, "As part of normal aging, the hippocampus shrinks. And this shrinkage speeds up as we grow older, foreshadowing memory problems and dementias like Alzheimer's disease…" Turns out, though, that the hippocampus is also one of the body parts that God allows to form new cells and connections in our brains! Alzheimer's News goes on to encourage us with the fact that exercise "seems to have the most efficacy at this point – more so than nutritional supplements, vitamins and cognitive interventions."  In other words, the more we exercise, the healthier our BRAIN as well as our body usually stays. 

AARP agrees, writing that, "Dodging dementia may be as simple as slipping on a pair of walking shoes and heading out the door. A study from the University of Pittsburgh found that walking about six miles a week seems to protect against brain shrinkage, which in turn may slow the progress of cognitive decline." 

Now isn't that GREAT NEWS for all of us boomers and seniors! And perfect timing to hear that as I'm busy working on the Flat Belly – MUFA foods – diet and exercising. Soooo….

Can you tell I'm having as much fun with the easy to use iPhone digital VIDEO camera on my AT&T iPhone as I usually have with its digital camera. 🙂 And now, it's time for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny to go do some walking with my senior mom. How about you? We'd love to hear what you are doing to stay active and exercise your body AND your mind. 🙂

Extreme Grandparenting by Tim and Darcy Kimmel - Christian words of encouragement and inspiration for grandparentsCan you believe February is already almost gone! This is the last Word-Filled Wednesday for the month! As I was talking to a friend about it, along with all the fun my grandkids and  I have been having with so many great Wii games for kids and the seniors who love them (ME! 🙂 ), she suggested this verse as appropriate for both. I had to laugh and agree.

So for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, dealing with the issues of caring for the elderly parents in our family and babysitting grandchildren, here are some very encouraging Bible verses for whatever we do – whether walking with senior parents as we talk about their gardening plans, cleaning up messes in a sick room, following healthy diets and riding a mini exercise bike to stay in good shape for our caregiving chores or even playing those fun Wii games! 🙂

Whether caring for the elderly parents - babysitting grandchildren - having fun with great games on the Wii for kids and seniors - this Happy Holiday valentine clipart reminds us to do our work heartily for the LORD -very encouraging Bible verses


Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.

Colossians 3:23-24 (NASB)


or as the Message Bible puts it:


Work from the heart for your real Master, for God, confident that you'll get paid in full when you come into your inheritance. Keep in mind always that the ultimate Master you're serving is Christ.

And yes, following this can even mean TURNING OFF those fun Wii games and sitting down to cuddle, read, and talk to our grandchildren about God's love. It can also mean playing those same games, while talking to the grandkids about serving God heartily with our attitudes as we are playing, whether we win OR lose. 

Have a blessed and healthy Word-Filled Wednesday, where you can enjoy more fun pictures and encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation at Internet Cafe Devotions.

P.S. If you're looking for activities ideas for grandparents and grandkids when babysitting grandchildren, be sure to check out Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars: Grandma's Bag of Tricks


Wasn’t Valentine’s week fun, with so many blog parties to bless those of us in

Happy Valentines Gifts Ideas for the Sandwich Generation family from the elderly senior parents on down to the cute little grandkids the Sandwich Generation too busy caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren to get out? I did have a chance to enjoy time with my grandkids as we played a couple of games on their Valentine gift of the great Wii games in the Summer Sports 2 and Game Party 3.  They turned out to be quite fun for the kids as well as their baby boomer (and heading into the seniors category) granny nanny! My oldest grandson and I LOVED the racquetball! And my youngest was enthralled at the idea of even more fun bowling games! Good fun, good family memories, and even some good exercise. Which is good, since I have a not-so-good confession to make.

After I managed to lose 8 pounds a while back with the South Beach Diet phase one Supercharged recipes – putting me back into my “comfortable weight zone” – three family crises, two major holidays, and a ton of chocolate chip cookies that were given during them (not to mention McDonald’s oatmeal cookies) all led to my gaining it back. (Sounds like the after-Christmas version of A Partridge in a Pear Tree, doesn’t it? 🙂 )

I kept thinking, “I need to get back to healthy eating,” but the Oreos and oatmeal cookies kept calling my name while my enlarging tummy kept glaring at me (can a tummy glare?). I have one of those nasty Pear-shaped bodies that are supposed to be so bad for you. All the weight goes straight to my tummy. Sooo, when I spotted a Get Healthy / Winter Weight Off at, I knew it was God’s perfect timing for me. They’ll be posting tips and ideas for the next few weeks to encourage us and give us more creative ideas to lose weight along with stomach fat. 🙂

weight loss tips

I considered using the South Beach Diet Supercharged again, since it has has been quite helpful for me in the past. The Serotonin Power Diet is another I’ve used successfully and liked. But Prevention sent me an email reminding me about their Flat Belly Diet which I’d looked into in the past. I looked over the foods they offer for options, including dark chocolate AND cashews, (which are healthy monounsaturated fats – MUFAS) that can help cut the belly fat driving so many of us nuts “How fun to explore something new, and share it all with you,” I thought. 🙂 So I ordered two of the books for it, The Flat Belly Diet and The Flat Belly Diet Cookbook and will be giving it a try and sharing the results with you.

The Flat Belly Diet book includes many of the healthy foods you can eat and still lose weight

I will say, I am not crazy about the first 4 days of the plan as they want you to start off with a 1200 calorie diet that is supposed to be geared so you don’t get hungry. Since I have hypoglycemic issues, I’ve decided to skip that and head straight into the regular 1600 calorie part. I started mid-day  four days ago and it’s gone well. I’m liking the food choices, not going hungry (unless grandkid duties are keeping me too busy to grab a snack) AND my scales were 3 pounds friendlier to me today!  (Of course, each of us is different, and your results might be different. If you try it, or any other healthy eating and/or weight loss ideas, we’d love to hear how you do! 🙂 )

By the way, one other reason I decided not to do the first 4 days is that you are not supposed to have any diet sodas, among other drinks. I have been thinking about cutting back or cutting them out. I know there are some health concerns about them. On the other hand, they do give me extra energy to keep going, even late at night. Do you drink diet sodas? Any thoughts? 🙂

And speaking of Diet colas, I thought you might enjoy this amusing tale of Mt. Vesuvius – cola-style. Have you ever stuck a soda into the freezer to do a quick chill? My senior mom and I do that occasionally.

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves Pepsi


I especially love it when you catch it just right and it has those yummy ice crystals. 

This Sandwich Generation baby boomer loves icy crystals in her soda

But what happens when you forget it? Ahhhh, that’s when you end up with a cola-volcano and frozen pepsi all over the inside of the freezer walls and splattered on all the frozen food. VERY time-consuming to clean up and very frustrating for this busy Sandwich Generation baby boomer. Except, I was too busy laughing about it all to get too upset. 🙂

This busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny had a BIG mess to clean up in the freezer after the Pepsi exploded

I even did my very first SandwichINK YouTube Video with this – aren’t you proud of me? 🙂

If nothing else, I’m thinking this could make for fun science project activities for grandparents and their younger grandchildren. Perfect for those of us in the Sandwich Generation, don’t you think? 🙂 And perfect for getting some cute pictures with my easy to use digital camera. Enjoy. 🙂