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It is too cold for my grandkids and me to play outside as much - so this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids are enjoying the Carcassonne board game and iPhone app along with roller skating in the garageYou remember that winter song, "Baby, it's cold outside…" That's definitely true for our area making outside play much rarer fro my grandkids and me. It's definitely the time for garage roller skating and fun board games. My grandkids and I have enjoyed the Carcassonne iPhone app so much that I gave them the board game version for Christmas. I was a bit afraid we would't like it as much, but YAY! We ALL LOVE IT! One grandchild even likes it better than the app! 

I personally like the iPhone app better because it makes the scoring much easier – in fact, it does it for you.The Carcassonne board game has a giant cardboard Meeple with 49 numbered squares. You have to move one tiny plastic meeple per player along the numbered board to calculate the score. It does work quite well except I sometimes start going the wrong way and have to recount. Then again, my grandkids generally do the score – giving them excellent addition and multiplication practice and saving me from those recounts. 🙂

The set I got came with the basic game along with an expansion set of Festival cards. This is not one of the expansion sets that comes with the app, but it does look like fun and we're looking forward to trying it out after more practice with the main set.

My grandchildren and I love both the Carcassonne board game and the iPhone app

My youngest grandchild hates capturing other people's territories (commonly referred to as stealing) and hates it even more if they capture his. When he plays, we don't do fields or the expansion. The other two grandsons are more adventurous so we do play with the fields and the capturing, and eventually the Festival set. 

I love listening to them think through where to put a piece as they work through different strategic options. The last two winters have been our "chess and checkers" years but I suspect this will definitely be our "Carcassonne year." It's definitely a fun addition to our indoor roller skating during these chilly winter months and a great way for all of us to exercise our brains. 

How about you and your grandchildren? What are your favorite winter activities? 

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