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These pink flowers are lovely for the family dealing with the sadder Sandwich Generation issues of grief hospice and deathThursday I wrote about dealing with grief and loss in our Sandwich Generation families. Some of the links included hospice locators and organizations. My family and I were so blessed during the grief-filled season right before my father passed away, by the wonderful hospice providers in our area and most of the people who came to help us were Christians. At the time, we belonged to an HMO and just used the one they worked with. I didn't know there might be more than one option available and, to be honest, wouldn't have wanted to try to research options at the point in our lives.

Since then, I have learned that in some areas there are more than one hospice programs. If you are caring for aging parents, it might be wise to do some asking around NOW, when you don't have the need. Because once the need arises, you will probably be too busy and/or upset to think it through.

One important consideration in choosing hospice might be there affiliations, including religious. Christianity Today has a very interesting article to read now, when you don't have the need. Even if you just read it and tuck the info away for future reference, I think it is valuable food for thought. 

Have you ever used hospice for your Sandwich Generation caregiving issues? We'd love to hear your feelings and thoughts about it. 

P.S. One of the excellent resource books for the Sandwich Generation family dealing with the issues of grief during a terminal illness is Farewell, My Friend by Beatrice Toney Bailey. You can read the review of it by clicking here. 🙂 

The Sandwich Generation grandkids have been learning about the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving - as this cute country clipart reminds usThanksgiving is only two weeks away. Christmas is oh-so-close behind it. And many of us in the Sandwich Generation are already making plans for family get-togethers all through the season.

Others, though, may be deep in the throes of dealing with the difficult family issues of life full of illness, grief, hospice, and death. That was my family several years ago at the end stage of my senior dad's Parkinson Disease and I still have such vivid memories of that all-consuming time. 

Still others may have a foot in both sides – trying to enjoy some sweet holiday cheer while caring for beloved elderly parents and/or your dear spouse or others suffering from long-term illnesses that can range from Alzheimer's Disease to stroke recovery to cancer to…

One of my goals at SandwichINK is to encourage you with comforting Bible verses and sweet praise and worship music while providing some simple and enjoyable holiday cheer. Then, even if you can't get out to the festivities you can still enjoy them a bit right at home. A simple way of "caring for the caregiver."

Yesterday I shared about an excellent book, full of great resources for the Sandwich Generation caring for a loved one at the end of their life. Today is Spiritual Sunday, full of sweet Christian encouragement, and I wanted to reshare one of my favorite Bible verses full of words of encouragement and comfort:

If the LORD had not been my help, My soul would soon have dwelt in the abode of silence. If I should say, "My foot has slipped," Your lovingkindness, O LORD, will hold me up. When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul…the LORD has been my stronghold, And my God the rock of my refuge. Psalm 94:17-29, 22

Enjoy one of my Smilebox eCards Creations with the lovely old Christian hymn song, Praise to the Lord, The Almighty, the King of Creation, sung by Christy Nockels on the Passion hymn album, Hymns: Ancient & Modern. Just click the arrow. 🙂


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Don't you think the encouraging words from that lovely hymn go well with Psalm 94 as well as being delightful for the Thanksgiving season? I pray it was as much an encouragement for you as it was for me.

Keep checking back regularly for more holiday encouragement, comfort, and inspiration for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, to brighten your day, lighten your load, and bring some holiday joy right to your computer!

A cute country Christmas star clipart means holiday cheer and Christian words of encouragement and inspiration for those in AND out of the Sandwich Generation

P.S. Watch for this cute Christmas country clipart for posts that are specific for the holiday season. 🙂 

This Southwest plush airplane makes great travel gifts for grandparents to give to grandkidsAll travel has its advantages" said Samuel Johnson. I'm not sure if this is quite what Mr. Johnson meant, but on one of my trips to my long distance grandkids, I discovered the truth of this statement while I was browsing in a new-to-me bookstore. I happened upon a great book for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, Farewell My Friend, by Beatrice Toney Bailey. It is "a step-by-step guide to handling a serious illness and even the death of a loved one." 

Unfortunately, one of the facts of life for all of us elder caregivers is that we will usually be called upon to walk with the beloved seniors in our family through a time of grief in their "walk through the valley of the shadow of death" which may include hospice and their passing. 

Ms. Bailey and her husband dealt with this season of life over a period of many months after her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. So much of what she described in her interesting and resource-full book mirrored what I went through during the time my senior dad went through the end stage of his Parkinsons Disease.

I really wish I'd had this book then as it would have been a big help – both in preparing me for what was to come as well as providing great organizational ideas to help with all that goes on during this difficult time in our lives.

Farewell My Friend- A Step-By-Step Guide to Handling a Serious Illness and Even the Death of a Loved One by Beatrice Toney Bailey is a great resource for the Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly parentsWritten in an easy to read and engaging manner, combining deeply serious subjects with a sweet sense of humor, she shares the various emotions they dealt with, the many charts she prepared, how they handled respite care, legal documents she used, and even covers well the topic of caring for the caregiver. 

Some of the chapter headings include:

  • Meeting with the healthcare professionals
  • Organization and time savers
  • Legal matters
  • Those who want to help
  • Hospice
  • Funeral plans
  • Death of a loved one

One thing I especially appreciated was her discussion of some of the signs of an impending death. That was something I researched extensively while caring for my elderly father and it helped me to know what was normal and what wasn't. She listed some I recognized and some we dealt with that weren't in my prior lists. 

Ms. Bailey is a Christian and her love of God shines out through this book. However this would be a great resource for all in these difficult circumstances, whatever their beliefs might be.

While I am not currently in the throes of "the valley of the shadow of death," my copy of Farewell, My Friend is now well dog-eared and underlined in preparation for the future. It's definitely one of the best books on grief and loss that I've read and I highly recommend it to all of us in the Sandwich Generation. It was definitely a great advantage for me to find this while traveling! 🙂 

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want-especially when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death cute clipartP.S. Happy Pink Saturday! AND color connection. 🙂


One of the more difficult Sandwich Generation issues is dealing with grief and loss due to illness, hospitilization, or even hospice and death. During a prolonged season of suffering, your heart may sometimes feel like you are living in a desert. Too little time for the Word of God combined with too much overwhelming sorrow can lead you to join with the Psalmist as he wrote in Psalm 42:2,5-6…

 Encouraging Bible verses against the dry desert remind the Sandwich Generation to fix their eyes on God in the midst of grief and loss such as hospitilization or hospice

I love the hope that is found in these difficult, yet comforting Bible verses. Notice that even though he doesn't "feel" like all is well, he chooses to fix his eyes and his heart on God. Wise words and guidance for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents, raising children or babysitting grandchildren, perhaps dealing with special needs – difficult illnesses – or more.

P.S. You can find additional encouraging and uplifting Bible verses and pictures, so comforting for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, by popping over to visit Internet Cafe Devotions. And…