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It is GRAND how much fun grandparents and grandkids have with balls of all kinds - including aluminum foil ballsEducational fun! It's one of my favorite ways to plan activities with my grandkids. And we have really enjoyed that this week. Thanks to one of my grandkid's brainstorms, I now know my continents better than ever – the names, the locations, and even many of the main cities – and the grandkids are getting really good at it too! What have we been doing?

Last week, after we worked hard, laughing all the way, learning the Seven Summits with a modified version of twister, we made "snowballs" out of aluminum foil. Since our highly anticipated snowstorm had turned into not much fluff, we figured we could have a snowball fight inside – and did! It was quite fun, too! (I only recommend this for younger kids since the older ones can throw harder and that can hurt -= another grand option is crumpled up wax paper like they've used in their Awana games). Then, one of my grandchildren had the brilliant idea of borrowing the basketball "HORSE" game rules to make a very fun "WORLD" game.

We used the aluminum foil balls and the world map (soft balls would work fine too).

We took turns saying the name of a continent out loud, then throwing a "ball" at the named continent. If we hit the continent we named, the other player had to hit the same one. If that person did, we picked and stated the name of another continent and continued the same way.

If the person who named the continent missed, the next person got to pick and state the name of a continent of their choice and play continued as before.

If, however, the second player was the one who missed, they were given a letter – with the goal of spelling the word W-O-R-L-D. The last person to complete the spelling of the word WORLD wins.

Pink and red and yellow and green - interesting countries all - educational fun for grandparents AND grandkids

We played this with continent names, the Seven Summits names along with their continent names, and even some of the bigger country names. We have enjoyed playing this several times, always laugh a LOT, and are ALL learning as we play. That's what I call a win-win-win, wonderfully grand for grandchildren and grandparents!

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