My two sets of grandkids live several states apart and many had never met. This summer that changed dramatically when most were able to get together for a delightful family reunion complete with tons of great photos for the grandmas and grandpas! It was a sweet delight for all, including those not present. Even so, as I have spent time with each set since, I came to realize they still were a bit fuzzy on who was who was who. Both sets have at least one munchkin who is always shocked to discover that I was the mama to their mama! And what in the world is a cousin! 🙂  I decided a family tree project might be just the thing to help them put it into perspective and went on a hunt for some help. I did find some cute ones at Pinterest and bookmarked them if you'd like to check some of them out – here and here. I found others by a general search online but nothing I was too crazy about. Then I discovered a cute set from Unique Teacher Resources. It wasn't free but it was only $6 which I paid via Paypal. After checking it out, I was quite pleased and am looking forward to sharing this project with each set of grandkids over the next year.  The download was geared for teachers, so there is a lot more than I actually need. But the basic family tree will work well for us, I appreciated the easy to use templates and it looked like something I could handle pretty easily. And for homeschoolers, I would think the extra goodies would be a big plus. As a matter of fact, her website and Facebook page have several great looking ideas and resources including freebies. I would highly recommend all taking a quick peek. You might find something quite useful, as I did. 🙂  And yes, if you have other suggestions for family tree fun, I'd love to hear them. I'm just starting on this project to the more ideas the merrier. 🙂 Have a lovely week with your own Sandwich Generation families! Read More →

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