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Happy New Years Fun for Grandparents and Grandchildren  Many of my favorite New Years Eve memories include young’ns! My children first – like the year we took them bowling! So fun! And then my grandkids! We have often enjoyed celebrating New Year’s Eve complete with blowers, hats, and fun games – and the final HAPPY NEW YEARS at my fave time – of about 7pm – hehehehehehe – don’t tell them! They AND I were quite thrilled and enjoyed it thoroughly no matter the time. And it’s way better in January (since it’s dark) than in July – when we’ve occasionally done fireworks in the still bright sunlight. 🙂 If you are going to be enjoying New Year’s Eve OR Day OR really any day this week with your grandkids, here are some fun resources with tons of ideas. Have fun picking out the ones you like to enjoy with them: Puzzles +  Pinterest Board of Crafts and Activities for Grandkids – updated for New Year’s Happy New Years Eve Fun Activities and Ideas for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren While out shopping today, I noticed Valentine’s Day products are already going up. Which gave me another idea for New Years Eve joys. Getting a head start on making Valentines. And here are some fun coloring pages for all ages to enjoy:             HAPPY NEW YEAR! Caring for Elderly Parents With Parkinson’s Disease I was messaging with an online friend, another daughter caring for elderly parents, this past week. Her parent has Parkinson’s Disease, just as my senior dad did. I shared with her an interesting article I’d discovered a while back and thought y’all might enjoy it. Plus I did some digging to see if there were any updates on this topic. I found: Cycling and Parkinson’s Disease with Theracycle – This is from about 2010 and has links to other resources including an article by the Cleveland Clinic Fast Cycling Benefits Parkinson’s Patients 2012 Study: Biking Restores Brain Connectivity in Parkinson’s 2012 Can a Parkinson’s Patient Ride a Bike? 2013 Shut up, legs: Fighting Parkinson’s with cycling and robotics 2015 Lots of exciting information in these articles. I told my mom – if my dad was still here with us, we’d definitely be checking this out. If you have a loved one with Parkinsons’ Disease and have tried this, we’d love to hear your results. 🙂 Joys For the New Year For Boomers and Seniors, Caregivers and Grandparents Isn’t this a lovely photo with a Red Cardinal – one of my senior mom’s favorite birds. Our world is so full of beauty, isn’t it God is so good to bless us with so much! Devotions for Boomers and Seniors For NewRead More →

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