Christmas blog party fun

I love to share with my grandkids some of the many prophecies that were given hundreds of years before Christ came, that were later fulfilled by his birth, life, and death. One of them is from Micah 5:2, specifically concerning His birth: 

"As for you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, Too little to be among the clans of Judah, From you One will go forth for Me to be ruler in Israel. His goings forth are from long ago, From the days of eternity."

O Little Town of Bethlehem for the Sandwich Generation - picture si

Excitingly, the fulfillment for this is recorded in several places in the New Testament, including John 7:42, 

"Has not the Scripture said that the Christ comes from the descendants of David, and from Bethlehem, the village where David was?"

The coloring page for this might be a tad boring, but I thought I'd share it with y'all. I know some of my older grandkids might enjoy coloring in each of the letters. How about yours? For that matter, some of our senior parents might enjoy them, either to send to great-grandkids or to try their hand at coloring as well.

O Little Town of Bethlehem for the Sandwich Generation - cute country Christmas coloring page from clipart

These are great Scriptures to share with our grandkids when singing one of the many lovely versions of O Little Town of Bethlehem, aren't they? Such a fun and lovely way of encouraging them in their faith in the Lord as well as leaving a spiritual legacy in their hearts and minds! A great way to encourage our whole families, actually, including ourselves! 

Enjoy encouraging Bible verses and pictures each Word-Filled Wednesday at Internet Cafe Devotions

Encouragement for the Sandwich Generation at Women in the Word Wednesday hosted by Good Morning Girls

Spiritual Sundays are full of devotionals with encouraging Bible verses to bless the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors busy caring for the elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren


Angels to encourage the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkidsHappy Advent! It starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas every year and is a wonderful time to help our families focus on the spiritual side of Christmas along with all the fun parts (like singing Two-step Round the Christmas Tree – I do LOVE that fun ditty 🙂 ). I actually got a head start on Wednesday with cute graphics to help our grandkids and us learn encouraging Bible verses about the carol, Angels We have Heard On High. 

Here's a lovely rendition of Angels We Have Heard On High in one of my favorite versions, sung by Michael W. Smith!

Do you have a different version of Angels We Have Heard on High that you really like? We'd love to hear about it below. And have a lovely week blessed by God's peace that passes all understanding! 

Spiritual Sundays are full of devotionals with encouraging Bible verses to bless the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors busy caring for the elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren

The Sandwich Generation can enjoy fun Christmas and Advent activities music and devotionals for the boomers and seniors and their grand kids during A Pause In Advent

Oh my goodness gracious. How EVER can it be December 1 already! I don't know about you, but in my family, the Sandwich Generation issues are making time seem jet propelled. It's unreal to look at the calendar and realize that Christmas Day is less than 4 weeks away and we are full-on in the midst of the holiday season. But the daily affairs of life don't give way, so I've learned to fit in bits and pieces of holiday fun in between regular caregiving needs and it's quite nice to have those sweet delights intermixed here and there. One of my fun pleasures the past few years has included visiting various Christmas blog parties like Caregiving's Holiday Progressive Party coming up on December 9. Here's some more great links for us to enjoy as well! 

  • Starting with the Top Three Links from this week's Vintage Inspiration (with Vintage Christmas ideas each week) at Common Ground. She's got some very unique and gorgeous ideas – my favorite is the wedding dress tree. How about you? 
  • Oh my, I loved my visit to Shabby Art Boutique – full of cute ideas including for an Advent Calendar and a Giving Tree. And there's plenty more!  Simply Christmas is an annual event held at her blog which runs for 8 weeks from the 1st of November through to Christmas Eve.
  • Sandi, at Rose Chintz Cottage, has a tutorial for making your very own snowballs. Too cute! Not only that, she has a great linky with even more Christmas posts to check out.
  • I loved Kristin's Rustic Glam Christmas Centerpiece at Simply Klassic Home. She's enjoying a lovely minimalist decor for Christmas. 
  • Yummy AND adorable. Very nice and creative dessert thanks to Driscoll's Berry Craft Contest at The Charm Of Home.
  • Have A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson has a festive Creating Christmas blog hop on December 3, 11, and 13th at various sites. You can read more about it at Share Your Cup Thursday. 
  • I was delighted to discover the 12 Days of Christmas at Thistlewood Farm with such a cute idea for combining magnolia leaves with store-bought trees that might need some extra help. And don't they look gorgeous! Easily! Cheaply! All faves of mine. 
  • Bliss has joined with a few other blogs to have several enticing blog parties over the next few weeks. Click here, and you'll find the badge with the links for each site. The parties include Christmas recipes, crafts, and kid fun – sounds like plenty of fun ideas for all of us grandparents, what do you think? 

Well, that's it for today. I'll keep checking various sites, and should have even more fun links for all of us to enjoy in a couple of weeks, and YES, I'd love it if you leave any interesting links as well. In the meantime, enjoy this delightful holiday season with your Sandwich Generation family – whether in large chunks of time or tiny bits and pieces here and there like me.  🙂  And Happy Pink Saturday as well!


Snow happy to say Happy Pink Saturday to the Sandwich Generation


I'm definitely having fun decorating for Christmas – at home and here at SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation. I've even got my Christmas tree up, thanks to one grandchild. He also helped me put a few of my unique ornaments up, including these two cute things I got from Denise Brown at during their holiday progressive blog party last year.

Caregiving sent this cute snowman to the Sandwich Generation granny nanny during the last holiday progressive party

I love the stocking caregiving sent - it even has my name on it - Kaye Swain the Sandwich Generation granny nanny

And YES, there will be another one this year, full of more fun visits and giveaways, including a surprise from SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation.

Not only that, there are other delightful holiday blog parties online and I'll be keeping you posted of others as I hear about them. It's a sweet treat for those of us caregivers who may be confined at home more than the norm. We may not always be able to get OUT to Christmas parties, but we can sure enjoy the Christmas parties that come to our very own computers in our very own home! And speaking of fun blog parties…Happy Rednesday!

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves Rednesday