caring for the aging parents while babysitting grandchildren

A Panda is cute but a Webkinz Panda is one of those stuffed animals that is cute and a gift that will be fun and educational for your grandchildren all year longThis year continues to have intriguing weather. We went from snow warnings that fizzled to gorgeous sunny skies with chilly temps that are supposed to warm every day til we hit the 70s then shoot back down. In the meantime, my grandkids and I thoroughly enjoyed the extra playtime outside today and are looking forward to roller skating fun along with a possible trip to the park tomorrow.

My back is doing OK but,understandably, I'm really baby-ing it. So today we spent much of our outside time playing "walking ball tag" meaning I would only walk while they could run to their hearts content. 

I was rather wistful about it all til God reminded me that I am in my upper 50s – almost 60, GASP! And here I'm still able and willing to run – literally – most of the time. So I can't complain about a couple of weeks of downtime, that's for sure. 

When it was time to head inside, an old favorite – Webkinz – beckoned to the grandkids providing a grand help for me. They don't play it as much as they used to, with so many other sites they enjoy as well. But when they go there, they do enjoy it just as much as ever. 

I noticed Webkinz has made a bunch more changes! They've added even more interesting challenges for kids. I liked that they got rid of their map that was so confusing. I'm not super crazy about the new way they are doing the map and the boys bypassed it totally to head straight for their old fave, checkers. I actually worked through that particular challenge and found it a tad bit difficult. Then again, I suspect kids can handle better than me.

Overall, though, I still give Webkinz an A+ for our grandkids and have already ordered new Webkinz stuffed animals for all my grandkids. Those will probably end up being Valentine gifts BUT the codes will go in earlier for some of them to ensure their sites don't expire. One nice change they've made over the years is that if they do accidentally expire, Webkinz now holds it for them and restores it when you add another pet. And you DEFINITELY want to keep their older accounts because starting over is much more difficult than it used to be. 

All in all, though, it's a fun and safe online place for our grandkids and us to enjoy. How about you and your grandchildren? Do you play the Webkinz tournament games with them – locally and/or long distance? Got any other fun and safe websites for the grandkids. We'd love to hear.

Cute Webkinz stuffed plush animals like this Webkinz bengal tiger are fun to play with and have the perfect autumn fall colors

Such fun for grandparents - in AND out of the Sandwich Generation - at Grandparents Say It Saturday Linky Party - Do Join in the fun


I love the vibrant colors of fall - autumn bliss for this Sandwich Generation grandmother and caregiver

AUTUMN! It is all around me and I am treasuring each golden brown, red, and yellow leaf as they swirl around me in a glorious autumn ballet! I keep telling my senior mom and the grandkids, "Isn't this GORGEOUS!" Every day is better than the last in our area. How about yours? Are you in autumn – or spring? Or still in summer, or fast forwarded to fall?

Isn't it intriguing how God's world offers such delightful variety for all of us! Today's theme for Beverly's Pink Saturday is fall flowers and foliage. Talk about sweet autumn bliss! First to get the photos and second to enjoy everyone else's lovely pictures.

Restful water and autumn bliss - rests the eyes and is a sweet way of caring for the caregiver

I got to enjoy thirty minutes of sweet pleasure as I wandered about a lovely nature preserve in our area, snapping photos – including these, as well as enjoying a delightful time watching some cute ducks and geese. Talk about sweet family memories! It reminded me of the time my parents raised ducks, geese, and turkeys. I wasn't too fond of the geese and turkeys – they kept hissing and flapping at me! But the ducks were definitely cute then and now!

Whether I have five minutes or 50, it's a sweet treat to rest my eyes on all the colorful delights around us. Taking bits of time like this to enjoy something special is a great way of "taking care of the caregiver." So do join me, even if briefly, for some quality fall site-seeing fun! 🙂

Colorful Autumn bliss for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny

P.S. And YES, these are going on my senior mom's iPad too 🙂

The Sunflower House for our Sandwich Generation family this year is more of a wall due to weather and health - but the grandkids and senior mom love them all

I just got back from visiting my long distance family, including sweet grandkids (wait'll you see the fun and easy crafts and games we enjoyed – coming soon 🙂 ). I enjoyed the visit tremendously but do have to admit that it's nice to be back in my own bed. And what a thrill to see how my senior mom's gardening activities have been growing away!  Check out this Sunflower! Thanks to weather, critters, and health issues, the sunflower house this year is mostly only one "wall" but the grandkids are still thrilled to see what are making it and what aren't. 

This sprinkler is perfect for my Sandwich Generation family - my senior mom uses it for her gardening activities and my grandkids have fun playing in it

And thanks to my senior mom's great watering, with a bit of help from the local grandkids…

The inflatable snake continues to help my senior mom with her gardening activities

and her brilliant idea to try marigolds, not to mention the great inflatable snake we found for the garden…

My senior mom is loving the marigolds and the butterfly bush in her gardening activities

all her plants are doing great, including her lovely butterfly bush! It may be small, but it's definitely sweet! How's the garden growing in your Sandwich Generation family? We'd love to hear! I'm linking this up to Sweet Shot Tuesday which has moved to Kent Weakley's blog, where he's giving away an intriguing ebook, 10 Photo Tricks, free for signing up for his email. Sweet! I just signed up and am looking forward to some fun ideas to make my easy to use digital camera photography even easier. And that's always fun for us grandparents to take pictures of our grandkids! 🙂 

My absolute favorite of our boomer and senior gardening activities - the Mr Lincoln Rose - definitely one of the most fragrant roses available and oh so beautiful

Late spring and summer are definitely fun times for my whole Sandwich Generation family! My grandkids and I love to spend extra time outside, playing various ball and water games, while my senior mom is always thrilled to show off her latest gardening activities to the grandkids, me and YOU! And all these fun leisure activities for boomers and seniors are such a great way for how people over 50 can raise their metabolism.  Talk about good news for boomers and seniors!

My senior mom planted these to protect her gardening from the activities of the squirrels

I do not know if it is the marigolds or the large inflatable snake for our senior gardening activities but the squirrels and bunnies have been behaving much better

This year the Sunflower House is pretty tiny - thanks to some squirrels and bunnies eating a lot of the seeds my senior mom planted for her gardening activities

My grandkids and I have been enjoying a wading pool that I park by the sunflowers - butterfly bush - and roses - then I can use the water from the pool to help with my senior moms watering and other gardening activities

If you were wondering, that inflatable snake for gardening AND/OR the marigolds do seem to be doing a good job at keeping the bunnies and squirrels away from the plants. And I must say, I did have such fun taking these photos – and enjoyed the deep shadows on the pictures. Did you notice the shadow of me besides my grandson's hand as we filled the wading pool? 🙂 Snapping photos with my easy to use digital camera is another of those leisure activities for boomers and seniors that can be such a great destresser for caregivers, don't you think? And to enjoy more fun photos, be sure to visit Rednesday later today and Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. All great fun for the Sandwich Generation caregivers and simple ways to "taking care of the caregiver" by taking a bit of a break.