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Fathers Day Fun for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandkidsFather's Day is coming up quickly! Faster than I dare think, the way my weeks are going. But with grandkids looking for some interesting projects it's quite handy timing for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny.

I found some cute country clipart at my fave artist's site and turned some fun pictures into coloring pages for the grandkids to work on. What do you think?


Cute Fathers Day country clipart for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandchildren



Cute country fish clipart for the Sandwich Generation grandparents crafts activities for handmade greetings cards


Aren't those cute! But guess what my grandkids liked better? MONSTERS! Albeit cute monsters! 🙂

Happy Fathers Day to AND from the Sandwich Generation as we are raising kids or babysitting grandchildren

Happy Fathers Day fun and cute country clipart for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandkids


While some Sandwich Generation issues can seem like monsters - these fun ones are for the grandkids to make handmade greeting cards with


My grandkids thought the idea of cool monsters for their dad would be great for a Fathers Day card - how bout you


So if you and your kids or grandkids would like to make some cute Father's Day cards or bookmarks or just fun pictures to hang, how about joining my grandkids and me with these cute teddies, fish and monster clip art coloring pages. And an early Happy Father's Day to all of us in the Sandwich Generation.

P.S. These would also make fun pictures for easy stationary crafts for all of us boomers and seniors, not to mention our elderly parents, who like to send cute pictures and collages to long distance grandkids. When I print these out for my nearby grandkids, I'll have to print out a sheet for my senior mom who will love adding these to her latest letter to all of her great-grandkids who don't live nearby.

A red and pink monster for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids works for Pink Saturday and Rednesday as well

P.P.S. This Sandwich Generation granny nanny had a grandson "chomping at the bit" to head outside for games, so it took awhile, but now I'm back with TWO more cute monsters adding a touch of pink for Pink Saturday and a touch of red for Rednesday!. And wouldn't they be cute as stickers on stationery to mail or a handmade greetings card for our grandkids dads or grandpas! 🙂 Enjoy!

Pink things to encourage the Sandwich Generation for Mothers Day AND Pink SaturdayWow! Time in the Sandwich Generation just gets faster and faster, doesn't it. I can't believe it's Mother's Day this weekend – not to mention that school will soon be out for so many of our grandkids. Time to start thinking of fun (and preferably easy) crafts and outdoor games and activities for those of us boomers and seniors who will be babysitting our grandchildren or perhaps visiting long distance grandkids. I love taking and making crafts and projects when I travel. I used to buy the supplies when I got there, but that was always tough on time schedules so now I try to take most, or all, with me. How about you?

In the meantime, if any of you are also going to be babysitting the grandkids THIS weekend, it could be a fun time to help them make a card or gift for their mommy, and/or any senior relatives who live nearby. For that matter, even if it's received late, I'm sure the long distance grandparents and relatives would be thrilled as well.

Fun pink butterfly greetings for the Sandwich Generation - Happy Mothers DayIt's shaping up to be a crazy busy weekend for my multigenerational family – what with soccer, the grandkids and my senior mom's bird and gardening activities, and fielding calls on a long-distance rental I'm supervising for a tenant turn-over. So I'm thinking the easier the better.

Eren Mckay at Embracing Home has a wonderful round-up of free Mother's Day printables from bookmarks to cupcake toppers to greetings cards that are all quite cute.

Then I discovered some adorable spring tags at my favorite and very cute country clipart creator, Trina Clark at Digi Scrap Kits. I had a little fun and voila, here are some Mother's Day tags for our grandkids and us that will make delightful bookmarks and decorations. I have a coloring page AND a colored page for each. 


A lovely butterfly bookmark for the special women in our Sandwich Generation lives from SandwichINK

A lovely butterfly bookmark for the grandkids to color - for the special women in our Sandwich Generation lives from SandwichINK\


A lovely Mothers Day greetings bookmark for our grandkids in our Sandwich Generation family to color from SandwichINK


A lovely Mothers Day greetings bookmark for the Sandwich Generation from SandwichINK

Of course, it's not just the grandkids who might enjoy these. I bet my senior mom will love having a set of her own to make some of her handmade greetings cards for her long distance grandkids. These are definitely fun and easy crafts for all of us from seniors on down to the cute grandkids in our Sandwich Generation family. Perfect for a fun albeit busy Pink Saturday AND Mother's Day weekend, not to mention future summer projects, don't you think? And for more fun ideas for grandparents and grandchildren, check out Family Home and LIfe. 🙂

Pink things like these pink keys are fun for the Sandwich Generation on Pink SaturdayKeys keys keys! My Sandwich Generation family has had several frustrating key moments over the years, including a couple this past year. 

Misplaced keys, dropped and disappearing keys, keys not working in locks – you name it, we've probably experienced it. Any and all of these can be great sources of frustration for all ages – from seniors on down to the grandkids, some of whom are already starting to lobby for their own keys – Yikes!

One senior relative recently shared a couple of sweet stories of locked keys in his car and his personal superhero locksmith who rescued him both times – once in five minutes flat! What a blessing he was to this aging gentleman!

My own personal guardian angels at AAA came to my rescue this past year when I dropped a key in a car I was driving to the repair shop. I looked and looked and could NOT find it – in fact, months later we still haven't found the key. Since said car was on its way for repairs, I'm convinced God used the whole incident to protect me from driving it, since we wound up having AAA tow it in.

Recently, after both my senior mom and I misplaced house keyws within one month, I headed for Walmart to get some spare keys for both of us. LOOK at what I discovered. They now have such cool keys in a variety of colors and designs from the cute pink key above to these brightly colorful "WacKeys"…

Fun keys for the Sandwich Generation to help the whole family keep theirs separated

not to mention helpful things for our aging parents like this cool key necklace.

A very cool key necklace for the Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly parents

It is so nice to have extra keys in case the many interruptions in my life lead to those temporarily misplaced keys. And my senior mom loves her new key necklace. It's much easier to deal with on her walks, especially when she is wearing mittens.

A Princess key for our Sandwich Generation granddaughters - or ourselvesPlenty of spare keys and big key necklaces are definitely one of those small but useful tips for taking care of our Sandwich Generation family – from elderly parents to cute grandkids. Wouldn't this pretty pink Princess key be a great gift for a granddaughter who is ready for her very own house key? Not to mention for all of the rest of us who love those pink things! Happy Pink Saturday y'all. 🙂  And…

Sandwich Generation grandparents really appreciate LEGOs for their grandkidsAfter a long and busy day full of the various Sandwich Generation issues of my life, I walked into my grandkids' home and spotted my oldest grandson who was so excited. He couldn't wait to take me into the living room to show off his surprise. What a delight to see this very cool LEGO house he had made all by himself. Isn't it awesome? And he did it on his own without any directions or kits or anything. Just went rooting around in his old LEGOs that are nicely sorted in the playroom and put it all together – complete with a big screen TV, a security door, and a computer. WOW! It definitely perked me up and I just plain had to show it off. 🙂

I, along with so many other friends on AND offline, do worry that we might be allowing too many electronic gizmos and gadget-play during the day for our kids and grandkids. This was a nice reminder that when they have plenty of options, they will (usually) make good use of them eventually. 🙂 It's also another sign that my grandkids are growing up! Very exciting!  (Of course, that's also a sign that I am growing older….errr – more mature! 🙂 🙂 ) 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves books for all holidays including Leap Year DayAnd speaking of our grandkids, do they know that it is Leap Year this year and that the 29th is this week!. I remembered it, then forgot it, and haven't mentioned it to mine yet. BUT I am so appreciative to my online friends at the New Jersey Family magazine for not only remembering it, but also putting together a bunch of fun ideas for celebrating Leap Year with our grandkids, including the article, Leap for Joy! Leap Day's Coming. I saw that today on my iPhone while waiting for another grandchild and just knew I had to show that off to you as well. 🙂 

Well, Leaping LEGOs, indeed! It's time to finish this and hit the hay. Have a delightful Monday and a wonderful Leap Year time with the grandkids. And come to think of it, we need to remind our senior parents about it as well. I'll definitely have to add that to my list of Sandwich Generation duties for the week. How about you? 🙂