Tips to help prevent accidental phone calls to 911Have you ever called 911 accidentally? I have and feel so bad when it happened. False calls to 911 can mean delayed care to someone else who direly needs emergency services but is delayed getting through because of those false calls.

The first time it happened was with a Blackberry I bought as it was the only phone that would work in a ground floor apartment we were living in temporarily while selling our house.

I discovered that, while the Blackberry did work well in that apartment, it was too easy to call 911 accidentally when carrying it in my jeans pockets (my favorite spot for a cell phone) or in my purse. After 6 months, I had moved and no longer needed the keen reception of the Blackberry. I borrowed a loved one’s iPhone to test drive it, fell in love, and never looked back. But would you believe it, I do still have the Blackberry for dire cell phone emergencies or to loan friends and family.

This past week, I had a whole new iPhone 911 fiasco. I had actually called 911 on purpose to ask for help with a 9 volt battery that was overheating.  The fire department’s regular office was closed and their message directed me to call 911 which I did. They helped me and re-routed my call to the fire department who gave me the advice I needed. All was well…till the next day.

As many cell phone users know, calls we make stay in the recent call list. If you aren’t careful, you can accidentally click on and call one of those numbers without meaning to. That’s what I did – only this call was more than a nuisance. It was to 911. I apologized profusely and immediately after hanging up, I deleted that 911 phone number from my recents list.

As caregivers, many of us need to call 911 more than most. But with accidents a regular occurrence on the roads, and various other issues popping up, any or all of us can call 911 at times. So my suggestion is that anytime you may call 911 (or any other number you absolutely do not want to call back for whatever reason), be sure to go into your recents folder and delete that number so you can’t hit it accidentally.

For the iPhone, go to PHONE, RECENTS, EDIT, click the red circle with the minus sign on the left.  Then click DELETE. Then be sure to click DONE so you don’t accidentally erase calls you DO want to save.

how to delete a 911 call so you dont call it again by mistake

And if you’re wondering about the 9 volt battery issue that led to my 911 call…click here for the story – it’s a vital one for all of us and especially for grandparents and parents who deal with batteries for senior parents, grandkids, etc. 🙂

LIfe is full of twists, turns, and various crises. But making sure we don’t compound the issues with accidental phone calls to 911 can keep things a tiny bit more peaceful, don’t you think?

Fun for grandparents whether at home or out and about at the Grand Social

Did you ever work on a project that made you feel like you were wrestling alligators? I’ve had two of those today! One was writing an article on eHow. My computer froze, the account didn’t save correctly, and then I wound up going down a rabbit trail on yet another alligator wrestling match – figuring out Facebook. This here Sandwich Generation caregiver was ready to call it quits several times BUT I didn’t. The upshot is that my latest eHow post, How to Play Safe Now to Prevent Needing Skin Cancer Treatment Later, with good reminders about using plenty of sun block now to help prevent skin cancer treatment later, has gone up. UPDATE: This really was an alligator of an article. Somehow (probably my mistake but not sure) my article was deleted. Apparently when that happens, you are not allowed to put it back up because of duplicate content. So I rewrote it for Ezine Articles and will link to it when that is published. In the meantime, I wrote another article, How to Use Stress Balls to Relax at the Dentist. Can’t let those alligators win now, can we! 🙂 🙂 🙂

In addition, SandwichINK’s Facebook page is up and running and I would LOVE to have y’all come join me there. I have to tell you, I was so excited when my very first New Friend notification popped up to let me know that Heather from The Mogul Mom was accepting my friend request. Do y’all remember when AOL started out, and we all gave it a whirl? Remember the thrill that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan dramatized in that simple little phrase, “You’ve got mail!” That’s exactly how I felt today. It was really fun! So a big thank you to Heather, whose interesting site, The Mogul Mom, is such a valuable resource to all of us entrepreneur moms and grandmas!

I also want to give a big thank you to Gina LaGuardia from Seniors for Living for helping me figure out how different urls work on Facebook, as well as being my second “You’ve got a Facebook friend” mail. Gina is such a blessing to all of us for a variety of reasons, including organizing and maintaining the Boomers & Seniors: News You Can Use Blog Carnival. In fact, the latest issue is hot off the press TODAY. There are several interesting articles including how to be prepared before your elderly parent has to go into the hospital, an interview with a social security attorney, a child’s legal responsibilities with regard to aging parents, and the research that shows that poor sleep habits can lead to insulin resistance. You’ll find the current Boomers & Seniors Blog Carnival at Ageless-Sages, where I’m headed as soon as I post this so I can read it right along with you. 🙂

Don’t forget to come say howdy to SandwichINK at Facebook. I’m experimenting with the cute little box in the left column which will hopefully keep you updated. Let me know what you think of it. And watch out for those alligators!  🙂  🙂  🙂

News of interest to you in the Sandwich Generation: Caregivers, Grandparents, Baby Boomer generation, and more. That’s what Thursday’s SandwichINK tends to focus on and this Thursday is no exception.

But today’s news is special. Rather than pulling a news story from the headlines, SandwichINK is making its own headlines. As you may recall, we had our first ever contest, featuring a WalkerWonder banner for aging parents and others who use walkers or rolling walkers. I want to thank everyone for participating! AND I want to thank Kathleen LeRoy and WalkerWonder for this high quality and special walker banner for dads! The contest is over and the winner has won!

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll please! 🙂

The winner is:

Mary from EldercareABC


I will be collecting contact information from Mary and mailing off her banner by this weekend. Once again, thank you to all who participated! We appreciate you ALL!  🙂

Has it hit your household yet? The motorcycle bug, I mean? Yes, my friends, part of the joys of the Baby Boomer Generation is all those wonderful men of ours finally getting to have their ultimate dream, a gorgeous Harley Davidson motorcycle. My husband, who is safely tucked away in heaven, got his when he was in his mid-40s. He loved it! It gave him a wonderful de-stressor to hit the roads and let the wind blow the frustrations of the day out of his mind. Me? I loved him! Since our kids were grown, only one grandkid had so far appeared, and I had a flexible schedule (I wasn’t yet caregiving), I figured if he was on his motorcycle, that’s where God wanted me as well! He was very sweet and picked out a bike that I could be as comfortable on as he was. He even bought the extended back seat with arms since the backless seat that came with the bike killed my back!

We both had fun picking out our Harley Davidson helmets, our Harley Davidson leather jackets, and our Harley Davidson boots. We looked so cool! Well, truth be told, our kids looked much cooler in the jacket we picked out for them to share. Only one could ride at a time so they only needed one – and my comfy jacket was decidedly uncool to them.  But that’s OK. We had fun!

I enjoyed commingling my interests with his very consuming motorcycle focus. Since I was taking college classes at the time, I learned to do homework on our rides. Yup, that was me, reading a large history book propped up against his back, as we were cruising through the country. I went through two textbooks that semester AND got an A in the class. I was blessed that my sweet husband thought it was all quite adorable.

I love Harley Davidson T-Shirts. They are so comfy, well-made, and I love the different designs. We started collecting them from every city we traveled to. Boy, did we have a terrific T-shirt collection!

One great thing about our Harley Davidson motorcycle is that it made gift-giving occasions so easy. Take Father’s Day, for example, since it’s right around the corner. I would head to one of my favorite Harley Davidson stores and spend an hour or so and come home with the greatest gifts, often on sale. They always had a sales table with a constant variety of intriguing surprises to entice me with their terrific prices!

Of course, since we collected them, I always checked for any new Harley Davidson T-Shirt designs. Those are always great gifts for anyone. I could even justify getting myself a matching one as part of the gift. Too cool! There were plenty of other fun things there as well. Even if they weren’t on sale, I was always impressed with the great quality of the Harley products. And if there was absolutely nothing that caught my attention, I knew it was time to head for the gift cards. He could ALWAYS find something he loved with one of those. By the way, if I’ve whet your appetite for some motorcycle madness shopping, Check out the Closeouts at Motorcycle Superstore!
It’s a great way for caregivers to shop online when they don’t have much time. That way, you can save your precious free time for the actual joy of riding! 🙂

We come from a long line of motorcycle lovers. His parents each had their own bike and went cross-country on them several times. My little ones loved it when their motorcycle grandma and grandpa would ride up on their bikes, each with a cute little poodle in its own special home on the back of a bike. With a brother who is an expert at repairing them, and two sons who each love their own, I suspect that line will continue on, ad infinitum. Hmmm, maybe it’s time to buy another Harley Davidson T-Shirt? Do you suppose they finally got one in that says, “I’m a bike-riding member of the Baby Boomer Generation and proud of it!” Or how about, “Caregiving’s my name, and riding’s my game!”  🙂