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Dementia Holiday Activities That Lower Stress and Raise the Joy. Great ideas in this article!

"Make 10 Christmas Cards, drop off to any retirement community, and ask the activities director to give them to the loneliest residents." A very sweet idea! This would be especially easy for those who have aging relatives living there already. It might also be a good addition to the Dementia Holiday Activities. Even if a relative with dementia can't write, perhaps they could draw a picture or add stickers.  Via @AgeWiseLiving

7 states of dementia.

WOO HOO – We senior home care givers are worth A LOT! 🙂 The price of unpaid senior home care exceeds total Medicaid expenditures or total sales of WalMart! Via @ElderCareRN

10 Tips for Preventing Dementia Sundowning. Via @Carebuzz 

Interesting info at EldercareABC Blog Carnival including slip and fall info

Study shows 'Name Game' hints at Alzheimer's Disease. Via @SafetyNetSource

A very interesting article, Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) vs. Lifecare Community – are they the same? from @PattyGrace.

For Elderly in Rural Areas, Times Are Distinctly Harder (NY Times). Via 

Mental tasks and exercise may help lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. Via @RetireLife

Very handy – especially for aging parents – No slip hand towels for the kitchen or bathroom.  🙂

I'm putting this last in this section as it deals with both senior home care AND fun with the grandchildren – The latest Boomers & Seniors: News You Can Use. I especially enjoyed the articles about Senior Travel Smarts and Pie Dough Fun with Grandchildren!


More than 70 million strong , grandparents are one of largest and most powerful consumer segments in US! 

Here's a great Advent/Christmas project for our grandchildren's homeschooling programs!


25 days of Christmasfree mp3 music downloads,  including Christmas Praise and Worship from Amazon. Please note, though, there are also a couple of songs that are not appropriate for all audiences, including one with an explicit rating! So do check each one out to be sure it's something you want. 🙂

Free classical Christmas mp3 downloads from Amazon as well. 

10 frugal gifts.

Charming VIntage Tins…Packaging GIfts from the Kitchen. Very delightful and frugal ideas!


The Angel said to Mary: "You will bear a Son and you shall name Him Jesus..He…will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High."

As for you, Bethlehem…from you One will go forth for Me to be ruler in Israel. His goings forth are from long ago. From the days of eternity 

 “We leave traces of ourselves wherever we go, on whatever we touch.” ~Lewis Thomas. Via @ShaynePacker

Words to encourage – The Lord is good.


I love Charles Swindoll's Bible teaching. He has a new book out, "Insights on Romans . " This is the first in a series from 45 years of teaching those 27 books of the Bible. What a great Christmas gift this would make. 🙂 

Aging members of the baby boomer generation face a caregiver shortage. Via @Carebuzz 

"For Some Ages 55 to 64, Medicare health insurance for seniors – and maybe now for younger than seniors – Will Cost Too Much.

Moving Changes Like Bambi, Beauty, and Rental Property Insurance at SandwichINK Real Estate Info  

Yummy recipe from Jenn Fowler – Chinese Takeout Style Chicken Wings! 🙂 

Christmas appetizers and snacks. Via @njfamilymag Yummy!!! 🙂

28 *invaluable* holiday baking tips from TipNut!  Via @eMom

Senior Home Care Giving:

Retirement Workout Ideas you’ll actually enjoy.   @Seniors4Living

Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors. @GlenboAZ

Chronic pain found to increase risk of falls in older adults. @CaringTrans

Hope for Adult Day programs in PA. Great idea for all Adult Day Programs. @PattyGrace

Employers’ Best Practices for Workers with Senior Home Care Giving Responsibilities. @ElderCareRN

Excellent, Thoughtful Approach for Alzheimer’s Disease – Principles For a Dignified Diagnosis. @CarePath @mike_gamble

‘Medicare Advantage’ at Issue in Senate.  @caregiving

Be sure to check out the Holiday Survival Guide for senior home care givers at Caregiving.

Vital info regarding Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Medicare.

There’s a great new Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use blog carnival this week.


Fun Christmas ideas for Grandparents. 🙂

For a creative and funny bunch of ideas to do with and for your grandchildren, pop over to @ShaynePacker ‘s site.  They are very adorable. 🙂

Words of Encouragement:

God is the rock of my refuge.

God is my salvation.

God is our helper.

God is the strength of my heart.

Baby Boomer Generation:

Surprising analysts, Bank of America says it will fully repay $45 billion taxpayer aid soon. Good news about one of my favorite banks!  On the other side of the coin, with the repeal deadline approaching, House votes to extend estate tax (45% rate). There’s been no action yet in the Senate.  @SoundMindInvest

Yummm. If you have a Christmas party planned this year for friends, neighbors, or grandchild, here’s a delish-looking Candy Cane Fudge recipe!

Moving is a tough job! Moving also tends to cause us to get behind on important details and such is the case this week as I JUST realized an interesting new Boomers & Seniors: News You Can Use came out last week! Not only that, EldercareABC had two informative blog carnivals on October 7 AND 14! The fact that I was caravanning cross country during most of this time period, with limited web use, could have something to do with this lapse on my part. 🙂

Well, now that I’ve discovered all this interesting info, here’s a brief review of each to whet your appetite, along with the encouragement to join me in exploring them fully to help us on our joint journey of Sandwich Generation senior home care giving and grandparenting!

Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use

I especially enjoyed the article by Patty Grace on hospice and palliative care. As I commented there, we were very blessed by both of these during my dad’s last few weeks on earth. They were wonderful, and walked us through everything step by step, but her article is an excellent overview of both systems.

Another article that caught my eye was Memory Triggers, a book to help us communicate better with our aging parents who have dementia.

You’ll find interesting articles dealing with fun ways to exercise which can help lower your cholesterol, ways to communicate with aging parents who have dementia, tips on coaching, social security and retirement, and more at Ageless-Sages, who wonderfully hosted this particular Boomers and Seniors!

EldercareABC Blog Carnival – October 7

The October 7 issue has a fascinating pair of articles by Derrick Grant explaining what SLUMs is and how it can help us with parents who may have started struggling with dementia, along with versions of this test in several different languages.

You’ll also find articles on the lack of a cost of living raise for Social Security, how to deal with senior assistance resistance, and more!

EldercareABC Blog Carnival – October 14

I found several interesting articles about caregiver stress and coping strategies in this post. I was also especially encouraged by the personal essay, The Two Millies. It was so sweet to read about this sweet friendship that developed in a care facility between two aging mothers and their families.

All in all, three interesting blog carnivals with plenty of useful information! Which was your favorite article?

Great resources for Sandwich Generation home care givers and grandparents! Two of my two favorite senior / boomer blog carnivals have brand new issues out and they are full of useful information for all of us.

Carebuzz is hosting the Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use and there you will find, in addition to an article from SandwichINK as well as an article from SandwichINK Real Estate Info:

  • Adult day care…the best kept secret in eldercare
  • Exercise Improves Spatial Memory in Seniors
  • A Timeline Tool For When You Are In The Emergency Room
  • Top 50 Oncology Blogs
  • 50 Social Sites to Connect With Other Patients Online
  • And several more interesting articles

After you’re done there, you’ll find that, among other things, EldercareABC is discussing:

  • A thought-provoking article – Mean Girls at the Senior Center A New Frontier for Bullies
  • 10 Senior Help Tips for an Emergency
  • An article offering you a free download “Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease” Guide for Caregivers, Professionals and Support Groups – definitely one of those great ways to save money!  🙂

Both of these blog carnivals are great resources for those of us in the Sandwich Generation and we definitely appreciate Carebuzz and EldercareABC for their hard work on these interesting issues, along with Gina LaGuardia of Seniors For Living and her continued great leadership and coordination of the Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use.