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To all of us in the Sandwich Generation, juggling the many shaded issues of the Sandwich Generation, have a blessed and peaceful Holy Week…


Have a beautiful and blessed Easter from Roseville CA Christian writer and real estate agent Kaye Swain


And enjoy a beautiful and joy-filled Easter weekend!!!



P.S. If you are babysitting grandkids this week, be sure to visit my Sandwich Generation Facebook page for some fun and handy posts with activities for young and old – perfect for all of us multigenerational caregivers. 🙂

Talk about autumn bliss! I got a taste of fall foliage before I moved, more hints on our long drive cross country, and am now in the midst of glorious reds and yellows all around the house and area we just moved to! We had a short autumn a couple of years ago but now we’re delighted to enjoy a nice long one to bless my heart as I stay busy juggling a variety of Sandwich Generation issues!

Half my grandkids and I enjoyed our fave fall and harvest tradition of making scarecrows. This year we skipped the feet and hands and, thanks to sending a grandson out with someone else and the request to find cute heads for the upcoming scarecrows, we have skeleton heads. (Needless to say, not what I was expecting but OK since that led to good science lesson on parts of the skeleton 🙂 ) Click here for a skeleton parts worksheet and click here for the answers.

Because of the move I am now closer to more of my grandkids BUT short on newspaper. Ill be hitting the Columbus
Day craft sales for cotton filler for the next set of scarecrows! The skeleton heads were hard plastic and didn’t stay put so I will also be getting Velcro tape to keep them in place. And then they’ll have their choice of skeleton head or headless, ala last year! 🙂 Thank goodness another grandkid got the brilliant idea of using a paper bag for HIS head. It looks great and stays on nicely. Click here to see that one. 🙂

Delightful holiday activities this week AND next definitely help keep the moving hassles in good perspective! And fun fall and educational activities make for definite autumn bliss for all of us!

How about you? What fall fun is going on for you and your Sandwich Generation family? 🙂

Say it Saturday is a fun linkup for all of us boomers and seniors including grandparents writing about their grandkids

Fun for grandparents - in AND out of the Sandwich Generation - at Grand Social


One of the “joys” of moving is often a prolonged period of no Internet 🙂 Hence the shorter posts at SandwichINK. One of the fun moments in the move was a brief visit to a lovely Koi pond – a delightful background for a grand goal for all of us in the Sandwich Generation from 1 Corinthians 10:31.


 Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

P.S. Click here to see my personal caregiving paraphrase of this Scripture.

Spiritual Sundays are full of encouraging and comforting BIble verses and praise music to lift the hearts of the Sandwich Generation

Water is always a blessing and a strong need - in the summer that is doubly so - especially for our elderly parentsSummertime woes and it isn't even the middle of spring! Ahhh, but tell that to the weatherman! 🙂 While Denver has yet another late snowstorm, we keep going back and forth between winter and summer. And in the midst of that, we discovered our air conditioner had died! I'm quite grateful we found out nice and early and that it's already back up, and running as I speak…err…type.

As I explained at SandwichINK Real Estate Info, that pesky little incident did remind me of some important seasonal tips to help all of us caring for the beloved aging parents in our families, like:

  1. Be proactive in preparing for any outage during extreme weather – hot or cold, power-related or equipment-related. So stock up on plenty of batteries, TONS of water bottles, lots of candles, flashlights and other battery-operated lights, and loads of easy to serve food like soup cans, V-8, crackers, etc. (Might want to throw in some good books and magazines while you're at it.  And for all of us multigenerational caregivers, that can include comic books and easy readers for the grandkids as well as some fun mysteries and gardening magazines for our senior parents.)
  2. Make sure all of our portable computer equipment, cell phones, iPad, iPods, etc. are caught up on charging as much as possible – especially if a storm is predicted (BUT BE SURE TO UNPLUG THEM ONCE ANY STORM ARRIVES). And once the storm has passed, if the power has gone out and stays out, don't overlook free wifi restaurants in surrounding cities that DO have power. I lived at a local Panera's for a couple of days, just to keep up with computing I had to do. And thoroughly enjoyed their good food while I was at it. 
  3. After spending two days without power on days that were very warm but not quite as hot as summer, I'm thinking about getting a second battery-operated fan just for such an emergency. We've never used the one we have, but if we ever need it, I know it will be MUCH appreciated!
  4. Make sure you can put easily put your hands on your emergency radios to keep apprised of the latest storm news. I, personally, like the hand crank ones in case the situation lasts so long we even run out of batteries. 
  5. Make sure you, AND your senior parents if they live elsewhere, have at least one wired phone in your house. If the power goes out and the cell phone battery runs down, you'll be SO glad you did! Of course, if the whole phone line goes down, hopefully you can conserve that smart phone battery longer. 🙂
  6. If you do experience power outages and inconveniences, MAKE SURE you and your senior parents drink lots of water throughout as dehydration can be a serious problem on a good day. And a much worse problem in the midst of this kind of situation! 

Wow! It's amazing what a brief period of no air conditioner on a hot day can do to my imagination, isn't it? And now, it's your turn. Got more suggestions? We'd love to hear them!