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SandwichINK Tuesday Twitter Updates for Caregivers, Grandparents… 4/28/09

Swine Flu Updates for Caregivers: It’s going to be very important for caregivers to monitor the Swine Flu situation. WHO (World Health Organization) raised the pandemic flu alert level to 4 . Grandkids and Grandparents: For all those who are helping with homeschooled grandkids, you’ll find this quite interesting – 10 Homeschooled Celebrities . Here’s …

Autism News And Encouragement For Grandparents

Autism Awareness Day was April 2, but Autism Awareness Month continues through the whole month of April. Autism continues to increase and to make news headlines every month but April is a time to really focus on the issue. I thought it would make an excellent topic for this week’s Thursday Current Events Meme as …


Movie spoilers are great for caregivers and grandparents. God loves spoilers too. When fear takes over, we can go the the ultimate spoiler resource – the Bible.

Happy Autumn

Autumn is a fun time to share God’s love with our grandkids, whether part of a home schooling program or just having fun building memories.