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Commercials? Really? Yup! Normally I am NOT a big fan of commercials. But…My youngest local grandson was over visiting his great-grandma and me. After he showed me a somersault flip on my couch, we got to talking about specialty dives into a swimming pool. Off we went to the computer so I could show him some prize-winning Olympic dives. On one of the sites we looked, the video started with a Volkswagen commercial that set us off in a whole different direction. It was such a "cute hoot!" It had him, my senior mom, and me all laughing our heads off. Definitely a great Super Bowl commercial for the Sandwich Generation!

Did you watch all the way to the end, with the Star Wars characters? As soon as I saw that, I started laughing even harder, as I knew exactly what commercial it was referring to – another absolute favorite of this baby boomer grandma whose whole family loves Star Wars.

Awwww, wasn't that funny and adorable? We all laughed and laughed and laughed. I want to give mega KUDOs to Volkswagen for such creative, funny, and family-friendly commercials for the Super Bowl. My whole Sandwich Generation family definitely appreciates them. How about yours? 🙂

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years Eve clip art for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandkidsHappy New Year's Day 2012 to all of us in AND out of the Sandwich Generation. Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? I usually avoid those but this year I did sort of make one.

They hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold." Mark 4:20

NIV Life Application Study Bible Large PrintI have been really enjoying listening to the verse by verse Bible studies taught by fellow baby boomer and grandfather, Pastor Joe Focht, of Calvary Chapel Philadelphia. He is interesting, funny, insightful, and shares such intriguing insights and historical details as he works through the Bible, including sharing words of encouragement and inspiration for grandparents as well as parents. Since it looks like they have worked through the whole Bible more than once and have the studies all available at their site, I decided it was time for me to work through the Bible again, as well, by listening to his studies daily on my iPod. And I'm hereby inviting you to join me. 🙂 

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it." Luke 11:28

If you have a SmartPhone, you might also enjoy the church's app which offers the option to pick through any of the verse by verse Bible studies as well. An easy and powerful way to study the Bible through the year. In fact, my grade-school grandkid listened to him with me in the car and enjoyed him as well. 

Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near. Revelation 1:3

So if you're looking for an interesting way to spend the year, growing in the Lord, that works well with the multigeneral issues juggling we do, I highly recommend Pastor Joe Focht and his verse by verse Bible studies. A practical way to grow spiritually for the busy Sandwich Generation.

Spiritual Sundays are full of devotionals with encouraging Bible verses to bless the Sandwich Generation boomers and seniors busy caring for the elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren

Happy New Year's Eve Week! I've had a fun couple of weeks with granddogs and grandkids and snapping lots of photos with my easy to use digital camera. Here are some cute pix of a Sandwich Generation granddog or two to put a smile on your face along with your grandkids and senior parents. 😉 Here's Mr. B with a sweetly serious, almost studious pose for us.

This sweet granddog posed so nicely for my digital camera that is easy to use but preferred the more solemn look for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny

Mr. R was having way too much wiggle fun to be serious. You can even see a smile on his little face. He definitely put a huge smile on my baby boomer face. 🙂 

A sweet granddog giving this member of the Sandwich Generation and her easy to use digital camera a sweet smile

Mr. B is back with a RED hat on for Rednesday and a snoozy pose to reflect his desire to take a bit of a nap. 

Awww - captured a cute Christmas granddog pix with my easy to use digital camera

Fun for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her digital camera, along with the aid of the always easy to use I'm hoping you enjoyed it as well. Don't forget, it's Sweet Shot Tuesday. Enjoy! 🙂 


Autumn is here. The fall leaves are tumbling down, along with the temperatures. My grandkids are excitedly counting down the days til Halloween with the fun harvest festival at church, not to mention visiting a few of their neighbors to show off their latest disguise decor. And I've been having fun snapping tons of photos of grandkids and granddogs with my easy to use digital camera as we have all been reveling in the fun and crunchy leaves of all colors from yellows to browns to vivid reds. And I am finally all ready for all the cute trick or treaters who will come to visit our Sandwich Generation family.

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny - grandkids - and granddog are reveling in the joys of autumn and fall as you can see from my easy to use digital camera

I have my braces-friendly candy, my fun alternatives to candy, the cute cards with encouraging Bible verses, and last – but definitely not least – the "cushion candy." What is cushion candy you ask? That's the extra bags of candy I buy so I make SURE we don't run out. BUT since those are all usually left over (to make sure I have a REALLY good cushion just in case the weather is perfect and we get double the amount of kids from previous years), those candies are the ones my senior mom and I love. Like my M&M peanuts, which I console myself with the thought that they are relatively healthy!?!??!?!?!?! Not to mention full of red M&Ms for Rednesday.

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny does love M&Ms

And then there are some of my senior mom's favorite candies, including Almond Joys, along with some divine dark chocolate which we both love (dark chocolate is the new green vegetable you know! 🙂 ), all in their pretty pink bags for Pink Saturday!

Pink Saturday fun with tasty dark chocolates and Almond Joys for the Sandwich Generaton granny nanny and senior mom

So what are YOUR favorite "cushion candies" that you like to keep around the house, for those moments the munchies attack or the Sandwich Generation issues "blues" hit and you just need a bit of a chocolate boost to help you stay on track? We'd love to hear. 🙂 

Fun animal pictures for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy

P.S. So many of us in the Sandwich Generation love our cute critters like my adorable granddog above. For more cute and cuddly critters, click here for Camera Critters latest post or click here for Eye to Eye: Intimate Encounters with the Animal World, an intriguing book for grandparents to share with their grandkids. 🙂