Sunday Encouragement for Baby Boomers and Grandkids

by Kaye Swain

Church was such a sweet blessing today. The opening hymns were gorgeous, the communion and closing hymns were sweetly thought AND joy-provoking, and the sermon from the book of James was both educational and encouraging in so many ways. It touched on areas I need to work on and other areas I am working on with my grandkids. I love it when God gives me a nudge in the direction He wants me to go in sharing God’s Word with my sweet grandchildren. Here’s my latest iPhone Wallpaper verses:

Spring is bursting with bright blue skies and trees with gorgeous pink flowers

These will be a great reminder for me for the week as well as a handy way to share these encouraging words the next time I’m babysitting the grandchildren. What’s your favorite way to share encouraging quotes and Scriptures with your grandkids? We’d love to hear!


P.S. Thank you so much for your comments. I enjoy them very much and read each one. I also love the grand ideas so many of you share that help and encourage other readers. Thank you.