Stormy Weather Means Low-Tech Fun for Our Sandwich Generation Family

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The rain gave this Sandwich Generation family a mini river in the back yard - but my senior moms gardening activities did fine

The power outage last week wasn't the only impact of the storm last week. We got plenty – PLENTY – of much needed rain – enough to give us a river – then a mini-lake – in the back yard for awhile. And lots more rain predicted this week. And YES, I'm keeping all my electric brains charging just in case. πŸ™‚

The grandchildren LOVE playing with great grandma and her balloons - low tech fun for a power outage

Hi-tech may have disappeared but we always have plenty of low-tech games and activities for the grandkids including a favorite of both my senior mom and the grandkids – BALLOONS. As the red heart for Rednesday reflects – they DO love to play balloons with great-grandma!

Great grandma enjoying pix of great grandchildren on her new iPad with fun apps and accessories for seniors AND kids

Finally it was time for the grandkids to rest and great-grandma got to be the ONLY high-tech user that day! KUDOS to my senior mom and her iPad. She had a lovely time looking at great-grandkids photos and listening to some interesting podcasts about Hawaii. 

How's your weather? Don't forget to be prepared with flashlights and fully charged equipment just in case of power outages – not to mention stocking up on balloons and flashlights. And make sure the elderly parents in your family are prepared as well. And ENJOY fall with all the cool weather so many of us are getting. Autumn bliss! πŸ™‚ 

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  • I love balloon art! One of the others things you need to be sure you have is a car charger for that phone! We have them in our earthquake survival kit because if the power goes out how will we recharge them?

  • Excellent point, Grandma Kc – I do have one, but a great reminder for others. Thank you πŸ™‚