Senior Parents Need Help Keeping Track of Dates? Here’s A Simple, Low-Tech Tip To Help Caregivers

by Kaye Swain

Whiteboard markers on mirrors are a big help for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior momLately, my senior mom and I have both had ¬†uber busy schedules. She’s had several doctor and dentist appointments and when I’m not busy taking her to them, I’ve been doing more babysitting than usual. Couple that with all the normal goings ons and it’s easy for either of us to forget who’s doing what when. Of course, I rely on my second brain – my iPhone. But my senior mom needed some extra help too, and she did not want any tech solution – not even her pretty blue iPad. So we went low-tech and it’s working well.

We bought a set of white-board markers and an eraser and put them in her bathroom which is downstairs. She is the primary user of that room, but I usually find myself in there at least once a day. When I do, I’ll spot past notes, which reminds me to update it for her each day. I’ll list what I’m doing, any upcoming appointments she might have, and even any special medication information – like when to take a short-term antibiotic or when she last took Tylenol, etc.

It’s not perfect, but it really is working quite well over all. I’ve even stuck a couple of markers in my bathroom to help me keep track of Tylenol I might take in the middle of the night.

I usually write at the top of the mirror or all the way to the left to keep from blocking our view for doing our hair, or other needs. Even if the writing is further down, we can still see quite well. And if the marker sprouts legs and disappears, toilet paper wipes the marker off as well.

All in all, we’re both very happy with this simple and low-tech solution to keeping her up-to-date on appointments for her and me. How about you? Have you tried this idea or do you have other suggestions? We’d love to hear!

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