4 Useful Resources for Senior Mens Elastic Waist Pants

by Kaye Swain

These Harbor Baby full elastic waist mens jeans are great for men who wear 1x and up

My senior dad grew up in traditional pants but once he retired he switched to the oh-so-comfortable blue jeans, which he loved. As his Parkinsons Disease progressed, he had to add mens elastic waist jeans to his shopping list and that worked quite well for a while.

These big and tall full elastic waist mens jeans would also have been great for my very tall senior dad

When he was placed on hospice, however, in the end stage of Parkinson’s Disease, he no longer felt comfortable wearing his trusty blue jeans. The zipper was too hard for his shaking hands to handle. There wasn’t enough “give” in the jeans, themselves, when he was shifting in his wheelchair. And he hated having to change when going from bed to wheelchair a few times a day, but jean material just wasn’t comfy for him in bed.

These Eddie Bauer full elastic waist mens jeans from Amazon would have been wonderful for my senior dad in the end stages of Parkinsons Disease

He would have preferred Khaki like the Eddie Bauer elastic waist pants above or these Falcon elastic waist pants for men (which come in big and tall sizes) but I didn’t even think to look at Amazon at the time. Now, of course, that’s always my first stop – since it’s so wonderfully handy for a busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny, dealing with the issues of caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren! (Aren’t these sharp looking?)

My senior dad loved full elastic waist mens jeans when he reached the end stage of Parkinsons Disease-they were comfy and easy to get on

At my mom’s request, I went on a comfy-clothes hunt for him, expecting to find sweat pants quite easily. It must have been the wrong time of year because it took me two or three stores, but I finally found some nice, thick mens elastic waist sweat pants in a soft fabric that he really liked. I bought several and he pretty much lived in those all day.

These Russell mens full elastic waist sweat pants have pockets and a drawstring in case your elderly parent is losing weight

Now we are close friends with a senior couple who are going through something similar. He is not on hospice, but his Parkinsons Disease symptoms have progressed quite a bit. Dealing with shaky hands and less control of his body overall, he, too, needs to make a major adjustment in his pant choice. Unlike my dad, though, he doesn’t like sweat pants. He still wants to wear regular slacks, as he has for over 75 years. He just wants them to be easier to get up and down.


Once again, my senior mom and I went on a bit of a hunt to help them and came up with some good looking options for mens elastic waist pants, twill pants, and drawstring pants:

My senior mom and I have ordered from Blair several times over the past year and been quite pleased with their service and their clothes. I noticed they do offer womens and mens elastic waist pants and their prices are always reasonable. Just search for “full elastic.”  If you are interested in ordering from them, sign up to get their online notifications first. They frequently send out great coupon offers – from free shipping to discounted clothes. In fact, they are one of the companies I am affiliated with. If you look in the columns to the right, you’ll find their latest special – just for you. :)

Some other options I discovered include:

  • HABAND – This seems to be one of the least expensive of our choices. My senior mom spotted a flyer from them in our Sunday paper and I noticed they were online, as well. They offer full, 360 degree mens elastic waist pants, including mens jeans. You can also get flannel-lined elastic waist jeans or twill pants that would be great for an elderly gentleman who tends to get chilly easily.
  • SILVERTS – Their website states they have been providing adaptive clothing for 80 years. In addition, Amazon carries one pair of velcro pants from Silverts. When I see a company partner with Amazon, I feel more confident ordering online from that company. They, too, offer mens elastic waist pants.
  • BUCK AND BUCK – They are based in Seattle and their site explains they’ve been in business for 31 years. I liked the fact that the can convert any of their clothes to velcro, giving you plenty of choices. Even dressy church clothes would be easy to get on and off, then. They also offer mens elastic waist pants, including twill pants. And if you’re like my senior dad in the early stages of Parkinsons Disease, they also offer full elastic waist mens jeans.   😉
These sites all offered online ordering, as that is the easiest way for our friends to shop right now. Please note, other than Amazon and Blair, we have never ordered from any of these stores, nor have my friends.  As I told them, try one small order from whichever store you like, using a credit card. If there are any problems, you can then file a claim with your credit card company. However, I have never had to do that and, trust me, I order online a LOT!  :)
Have you ever ordered men’s elastic waist pants, either twill pants or elastic waist jeans, from any of these stores – or from other online stores? Did you like them? Do you have other easy-on, easy-off tips to share with us? We’d love to hear them. And isn’t it grand that we have so many wonderful online options for all the different health issues we may have to deal with – from Parkinsons Disease to dementia symptoms to stroke patients, etc.? As a busy baby boomer, constantly on the run caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren, I so appreciate all of them – and especially my personal favorite, Amazon. They are such a blessing!


P.S. Thank you so much for your comments. I enjoy them very much and read each one. I also love the grand ideas so many of you share that help and encourage other readers. Thank you.