Some of the Many Joys of Gardening Activities for All Ages – Seniors to Grandkids

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My senior mom LOVES these the best of this years gardening activities

The Joys of Gardening! Let me count them:

It's great for young and old – making it perfect for the Sandwich Generation!

Gardening keeps my senior mom active, even on bad days.

It puts smiles on her face daily

Keeps her brain active as she figures out the best ways to battle the critters out to get her seeds!

My senior moms gardening activities include creative critter guards like this pink and silver pinwheel and the marigold guarding her peppers
It gives her yummy vegetables to eat each summer. This year she has tomatos and sweet peppers and is thrilled at how good they are growing

My senior moms gardening activities include plenty of tomatos - YAY

Gives her a great hobby to do outside

Gives her something fun to read about on days too hot or cold to go outside

Gives her special moments with the grandkids as they plant seeds or water plants together

Gives her something new to talk to the grandkids about all the time

The grandkids are learning how to plant flowers and vegetables (I wonder how many kids NEVER plant things any more, except maybe in a school project?)

Educational fun for the grandkids

Just plain old fun, like the Sunflower House project, for the grandkids.

It's a great way for all of us to be reminded of God's creative power at work in plants AND in us.

Leads to more butterflies and bees and birds in the yard.

My senior mom loves her birds and makes sure they have plenty of food and water  on hot days and cool ones

Now it's your turn. What are some of the sweet joys of gardening in YOUR Sandwich Generation family? We'd love to hear.


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