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SandwichINK For the Sandwich Generation Says WELCOME to the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Happy holidays blog party clipart is fun for the Sandwich Generation and her blog SandwichINK on non-holidays like the Ultimate Blog Party 2012HELLO! We're starting up a bit early BECAUSE It's time for all of us Sandwich Generation caregivers to enjoy some quality "caring for the caregiver" support FUN to ease that caregiver stress a bit. So come with SandwichINK as we enjoy the 5 Minutes for Mom ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY 2012!

AND if you are visiting from 5 Minutes for Mom – WELCOME to SandwichINK – where the goal is to provide news, information, resources and encouragement for the Sandwich Generation – namely, all those who are caring for aging parents while still raising children OR, as in my case, babysitting grandchildren. 

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves PepsiSo enjoy one of my fave drinks – a yummy ice-cold Pepsi…

followed by a nice warm piece of apple pie.  Got some yummy apple pie for the Sandwich Generation to celebrate the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

And while you're sipping and munching, here are a few posts to give you a "flavor" of SandwichINK:

Grandparents and Grandchildren:

Caring for Aging Parents:

Granddog Fun:

Encouraging Bible Verses and Praise and Worship Music for the Sandwich Generation

Caring for the Caregivers:

Speaking of encouraging music, here's one of my Smilebox eCards Creations featuring a favorite of my grandkids – the Go Fish Guys – singing one of those wonderful old Christian hymns, in a party-style tempo. Enjoy. 🙂 

Click to play this Smilebox invite

You can also find SandwichINK at:

I post a variety of items of interest to the Sandwich Generation at each site, and I'd love to see you there. Also, be sure to leave a comment below. I'll be writing posts about the various people and sites I visit this week and who knows? YOU might be one that gets featured! Don't forget, when you head back to 5 Minutes for Mom – stop on the prize page and sign up to try to win one of their many great prizes, including the SandwichINK $25 Amazon eGift Certificate – perfect for praise and worship music, a great caregiving book, or something fun for you and the grandkids. 🙂 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny LOVES Dark Chocolate truffles - perfect for the Ultimate Blog Party 2012Well, we've all got plenty to see and do during this exciting Ultimate Blog Party 2012. So I'll send you on your way, with one last piece of yummy Dark Chocolate Truffles (my favorites are by Lindt Lindor – what are yours?)  🙂 And one last thing…

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21 comments on “SandwichINK For the Sandwich Generation Says WELCOME to the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

SandwichINK Says WELCOME to the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I love the Bible Verses to Teach to Your Grandchildren! Thanks for sharing!


We have adopted some grandchildren. So fun.

So glad to meet your through the UBP. Happy party day.



Great site. So many helpful posts. 🙂

Happy to visit your blog from UBP! Looking forward to future visits! God Bless:)

It is great to see you again! Ha, I even mentioned that I was in the sandwich generation on my blog party post.

Enjoy your blog hopping!


I’m not sandwiched, yet, but my mom was for a while. I am so thankful for the encouragement you offer to others like her. You are a blessing! (Just stopping in while blog hopping the UBP12.)


The warm apple pie hit the spot. TY. Nice to get to know you better through your blog, my Twitter Friend! I’m a sandwich gen’er too – helping with my elderly mom and aunt with a 13 year old daughter at home.

Kaye, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. I am looking forward to exploring your blog as my MIL has Alzheimer’s and it has been quite stressful on the entire family.

What a great place you have here! Isn’t this blog party fun?!?!

What a great blog theme/subject. I’m sure there are many who can benefit from your experience and insights during a challenging time of life. I’m stopping by on the UBP tour. God bless you.

hanks Gail! I appreciate the visit and the sweet words of encouragement. Have fun at the Ultimate Blog Party! 🙂

It is fun, Mary! Thanks so much for the visit and your encouraging words. 🙂

Hi Trish, thanks so much for stopping by. Praying for you and your MIL. 🙂

Hi Tereasa and welcome! I’m so glad you’re doing great and your mom as well. Have a blessed week. 🙂

Hi Connie – so fun when our different paths cross in a multitude of ways. Have a great time at the Ultimate blog party 🙂

Hi Rashida, thanks so much for the lovely visit. 🙂

Thanks for the sweet and encouraging words, Laura. Have a great week. 🙂

Awesome Glenda! What a sweet blessing for you and your family. 🙂

Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for the lovely encouragement 🙂

Visiting from UBP2012. What a blessing to find your site! I’m not caring for grandparents yet but I think about those things, and I’ll probably join the grandparenting generation in the next decade. I am a physical therapist, and so I am very much interested in the information and perspective you share as a caregiver. Following on FB. Bless you!

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