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Writers love to write and I am no exception. I’ve decided to expand my writing universe and include writing for other sites as well as this blog. My first adventure has been to start writing for eHow is an interesting site where people explain how to do a wide variety of things. If you need to know how to do something, it’s an excellent place to start your search.

I’ll be writing on a wide range of topics there, from caregiving to grandparenting, from computering to dog caregiving, and more. You can find the general site at . You’ll find my first two articles there at:

How to Use Dog Treats, Time, and Love To Save You From Losing a Friend’s Dog

How to Prepare to Reformat a Computer

You may also have noticed that I have added an eHow “widget” to the first column on the right. Now you’ll be able to keep track of my top five articles there, as well as being able to click on it to go find any of my eHow articles easily.

I do hope you’ll give it a try and that you’ll enjoy the articles. Be sure to take a peek at the pictures as well. I used some darling dog photos from for the dog article and several adorable cat pictures from for the computer article. They are really cute! So cute in fact, that I’m ending this article with two of my favorite ones!

Dog loves you and your treats

This canine charmer helped explain the steps to take to train a dog to love you so much she won’t try to escape when you open the door.

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cat on laptop

This little cutie helped explain all the steps needed to get ready to reformat a computer.

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