I Cannot Tell A Lie – This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Really Enjoys These Educational Books

by Kaye Swain

Books, books, books! One of my favorite things – be they hardback, paperback, audio, or virtual via my Kindle app. I come by my love of books honestly as my senior parents both enjoyed reading. My mom was actually the one who got me hooked on audio books. She still reads AND listens to books daily. And now I’m enjoying passing that love of books down to my grandchildren.

This week, we’ve been having a grand time learning about some of their history homework subjects like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln thanks to two fun books I thought I’d share with you.

My grandkids AND this Sandwich Generation granny nanny have been enjoying this book about Abraham Lincoln - in between wiggles and squirms

This book, Who Was Abraham Lincoln, is part of a large series of easy-reading and interesting biographies of a wide variety of famous people including Mozart, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Queen Elizabeth and a BUNCH more. As you can guess from the label, I got several on sale at Barnes and Noble. I picked out names I recognized from upcoming homework assignments. (Amazon has them discounted 10% daily). I am finding them quite interesting and when I catch the grandboys in a quiet mood (nowadays, that is not always easy :) ), they really enjoy them as well. After we finish them, I’m planning on passing them on to their cousins.

These biography books have great pictures for using in their Minecraft game

In addition to both the grandkids and me learning a lot about Abraham Lincoln AND the time period he lived in, I appreciate the many pencil sketches it includes. The kids love the pictures, of course, plus they make excellent patterns for them to try and replicate in their Minecraft game or with LEGOs.

As you can guess this book about the presidency is as much fun as fact with comics thrown in as well - can be good for grandkids who like graphic novels

The book, Where Do Presidents Come From, came from the library and it’s a cross between a regular book and a “graphic comic.” It’s not quite enough comic-y to make them jump and down for joy. But it did grab my comic-loving grandson’s attention a bit. It has interesting tidbits of information about the presidency and some of the presidents (especially George Washington) intermingled with fun and silly jokes.

My grandkids enjoy the funny jokes in the book about the presidency

This Grandma likes that the grandkids are also learning useful facts

Both of these are interesting, informative, and easier for wiggly grandkids to get into than some others I’ve tried. How about you? Do you have any other suggestions for squirmy grandkids to help them learn AND enjoy the process? We’d love to hear!

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